3 Top Mobile eCommerce Trends to Follow in 2015

A lot has been written about how mobile Internet is eating the world. We are all addicted to our devices – included yours truly. But aside from messaging (email, whatsapp, texting), gaming, and social (facebook, linkedin), what about actual eCommerce? Are people really using their mobile devices on commerce sites, searching, and buying stuff? Let’s look at some ecommerce trends.

It just so happens that we have solid data to answer this question. Fast Simon, our eCommerce custom site search product, is used by about a 100,000 merchants and publishers worldwide to serve millions of end users who are accessing their sites. Using big data, we compiled the following statistics to compare early 2015 to same period in 2014. I have always wanted to say big data. There, I said it. Oh, and I had mobile and social as well in the same paragraph. Cool.

1. Ecommerce trends 1: Phones and Tablets are now almost 30% of eCommerce searches

  • Phone devices share of eCommerce search grew from 11% to 17%
  • Tablet devices share doubled from 6% to 10%

2. Ecommerce trends 2: iOS grew faster than Android. Others don’t matter.

  • iOS grew from 13% to 23% of overall OS eCommerce search traffic – 75% increase
  • Android grew from 9% to 15% of overall OS eCommerce search traffic
  • On Desktop, Windows is losing – MacOS is gaining eCommerce search traffic share

3. Ecommerce trends 3: In the Browser wars, Safari is gaining momentum, now second to Chrome – in eCommerce site search

  • Chrome & Chrome Mobile decreased from 39% to 36% of total browsers
  • Mobile Safari & Safari together grew from 24% to 29% of total browsers

About the Author: Zohar Gilad is the Co-Founder and CEO of InstantSearch+ – a service that brings state-of-the-art ecommerce site search at an affordable cost to millions of merchants worldwide. InstantSearch+ supports over 100,000 merchants and publishers running sites on Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix and Custom sites