Intuitive AI Visual Discovery Suite

Inspire your shoppers with an integrated innovative customer journey through Visual Discovery

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Visual Discovery Suite

AI-powered solution that inspires shoppers to buy

With Visual Discovery, anything you see can be a starting point for discovery.

Visual Search

Take a photo on your mobile device, or upload one from your gallery and get product results that match that photo, without typing a single character

Instagram Feed

Let your customers find and buy the products shown in your Instagram feed

Shop the Look

Turn every model photo into a gateway for continuous discovery by showcasing matching items worn by the model and similar styles in a single click.

Shop Similar

Let our AI find visually similar items – for every product.

visual discovery demo

“Complete the Look” – Enhance the shopper experience

  • Supercharge your store to the way your shoppers truly search on mobile and help them find other products that are available in your store.
  • This is an AI-based capability that requires no manual work from your end.
    Your conversions and AOV will thank you.
complete the look

Bridge the gap between the physical and the digital worlds

When your shoppers can’t describe what they really want, let them search by uploading an image or browse through a curated inspiration gallery instead of searching with keywords.


mobile cropper