Increase Revenue Online with Tailor-Made Landing Pages

Quickly create custom landing pages to form part of any marketing campaign, without complex development or integration.
With tailored landing pages, you’ll be able to streamline and strengthen your conversion funnel in any campaign, whether it’s PPC, Social Media or e-mail.

  • Direct shoppers to a specific sale, promotion or product
  • Easily drag & drop elements
  • Add a custom banner
  • Increase your search volume
  • Publish SEO-friendly URL instantly
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How it works

To create a new landing page, head over to your dashboard, navigate to the Landing Page tab and click on ‘Add Landing Page’. Next, you’ll be able to type the name of your landing page – which will instantly be transformed into an SEO-friendly URL.
Then, the fun begins: Using the friendly drag & drop tool, choose which products to feature and how you’d like them to be featured.
Want to emphasize a time-sensitive promotion or sale? Add a banner to the page!

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