Smart Collections

Unlike static navigation layer, Smart Collections uses the power of search to dynamically present the most relevant products, categories, and filters to your store visitors

  • Delivers most relevant products, categories, and filters across your categories and collection pages
  • Presents consistent look and user experience on all pages and search results
  • One-click integration of a sharp-looking widget to your page
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Smart nav mutiple devices

Customizable Smart Collections Widget

  • InstantSearch+ continuously improves and updates product ranking based on user searches
  • InstantSearch+ dynamically builds layered navigation adapted to search rankings
  • Shoppers find the most relevant products as they browse through collection pages with smart collections
smart nav custom stevemadden

Best Shopper Experience

Get more out of your collection pages with this one-click integration module.

  • Sharp-looking dynamic navigation bar on your category or collection pages
  • Consistent user experience with your search results pages
  • Get eCommerce conversions boost on your collection pages
smart navigation tables

Automatically Expand Your Collection Display with Color Variants

  • Display all your color variants of a single SKU as if they were separate SKUs
  • Give each color variant its chance to sell
  • Our machine learning will track each one and promote the popular ones
smart nav by variant

Embed Promo Tiles within Your Collections

Get exposure for related collections, products, looks and break the monotony of collection with inspiring images.

This module is particularly useful for:

  • Announcements – Get an extra space for store announcements that are relevant for the shoppers’ search.
  • Promoting Products – Use this real-estate as another spot to promote specific products or collections.
  • Special Offers – Let your shoppers know about special discounts and offerings.
embedded promotion in smart collection