BigData Product Recommendations – Upsell & Cross-Sell

Provide the Best Shopping Experience

  • Use customers’ shopping behavior to increase your sales
    Data-driven product recommendations automatically adapt to fit the shopper, and are proven to increase sales as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Match your customers with products they want to see
    Personalized recommendations learn from individual customers, and show the best products at the best time to the right person.
  • Delight your customers and improve your bottom line
    There is nothing better than the win-win approach of delivering exceptional service to your customers and reaping the reward in increased revenue. They deserve it, and so do you.
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Upsell and cross sell on multiple devices

Benefits of Using IS+ Upsell & Cross-Sell

  • Increase Your Sales –  Amazon makes 30% incremental revenue from product upsells and cross-sells; you should too. Personalized product recommendations are proven to increase eCommerce conversions, cart totals, and return shoppers.
  • Make Life Easy For Your Shoppers – Online shoppers have come to expect smart-stores and seamless shopping experiences. Learning from their search, navigation, clicking and purchasing behavior enables you to display what they need front and center in your store.
  • Improve Your Store – Learning from your shoppers’ behavior and intent gives you valuable insight into the online shopping experience that you are providing. Instead of only focusing on your products, smart recommendations allow you to focus on your customers.
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Advanced Shopper Experience

  • The smart algorithm continuously learns about your customers and improves their shopping experience
  • Deliver relevant and timely recommendations in an attractive widget
  • Match your shoppers’ intent with personalized product recommendations
  • Offer related-products that matches shopper’s intent
  • Easier shopping leads to more purchasing
  • Boosts repeat visits, larger orders, and incremental sales
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Customizable Widget & Value Proposition

  • Choose a horizontal or vertical widget for product or cart pages
  • Speak to your shoppers in your own words (i.e. “May we recommend…” or “Take a look at these…”, etc.)
  • Looks and works great on all pages of your webstore, such as your homepage, product pages, cart pages, and even the checkout success pages
  • Enjoy the fully responsive design for mobile, tablet, and desktop
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How It Works

  • InstantSearch+ collects shoppers’ viewing, navigation, search, add-to-cart, and purchase behavior
  • Using data analysis, InstantSearch+ identifies the top products related to that unique viewer’s onsite behavior
  • In real-time, InstantSearch+ generates the widget with personalized product recommendations
  • InstantSearch+ tracks shoppers’ reactions to the recommendations, and uses these reactions to further improve the model
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