10 eCommerce Websites Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

Considering the amount of eCommerce stores that exist on the internet today, it’s hardly surprising that extra effort is needed in order to help your store stand out. Providing a satisfactory level of ease and style is a given; if your website doesn’t provide this you could be in trouble. But we’re not just looking for sufficient, we’re looking for excellence.

To help inspire you with ideas for what kind of things this could mean, we’re going to take a look at some websites that definitely go the extra mile in terms of customer experience, and how they achieve this. 

What Is Customer Experience?

Let’s take this back to basics for a second, and ask ourselves; what actually is customer experience? And why is it so important? As long as the customers can find what they are looking for, everything should be fine, right?

Think again. Of course, being able to find the desired product is super important, which is why an advanced site search is necessary in order to never let any sales slip through the net. But when people are shopping online, simply making the purchase is not the only thing that counts. 

Creating an online experience that excites the customer, makes them feel personally seen and underwood, shows them something new and different is what we are aiming for. Why?

  1. A happy customer is one that will become a loyal customer. Securing a lifetime client is a goal for any eCommerce store.
  2. Word of mouth marketing is one of the big ones for online retailers, and that extra website attention could get people talking.
  3. Becoming a memorable site will help you to increase conversions and AOV, and keep people coming back for more.

How Can This Be Achieved?

In a busy and bustling hi-tech world that is constantly evolving, creating an exceptional customer service experience that stands out from the crowd is not as hard as you may think. Advanced features such as Visual Discovery platforms, top of the range merchandising capacities, and other applications that make customers’ lives easier are all things that will achieve goals and boost the shopping journey from average to extraordinary. Taking technology available into consideration, and combining it with what you think your customers want to see, is how you will boost your customer satisfaction and sales.

Let’s take a look at some specific examples of  8 eCommerce websites who are succeeding in achieving this.

1. Hobo Bags

Personal Touches

Hobo Bags, with Acadaca Agency, is a second-generation, family run fashion brand, specializing in all things leather. At first glance, this website screams coordination, elegance and style. The homepage is color coordinated to reflect the colors of leather that they have on sale so the customer is immediately made to feel as though they are visually inside of a beautiful leather store.

On the homepage they have a picture of Koren, a founder, looking at leather, which already gives the store a personal feel; as if you are standing there with the owner of the shop, rather than a faceless brand. This is taken to another level in the ‘About Us’ section of their website, which offers a detailed look into exactly how the brand was formed and when, including personal pictures from the life of the founders.

Going the extra step of sharing intimate information makes the customer feel valued, and trusting. It means that people are more comfortable spending in this store, as they know who they are supporting and the values these people hold. Coupling this level of detail with their ecological commitments on the front page, creates a great customer experience. 

2. Rockstar Original

Social Media Emphasis

Rockstar Original is an Urban Streetwear brand that lets you know exactly what they are all about as soon as you enter their site. From the models, to the settings, to the text- everything screams hip, urban and relevant. Giving the right brand impression is so important, and Rockstar Original has got this down. 

A feature they have which really makes their website stand out is their use of social media to connect with their buyers; their target audience being those of a social media age range. Under a section called ‘Instashop’, shoppers are given the option to browse the store’s Instagram posts in order to find inspiration for their purchases. If they see a post they like, they are able to click on the product page to see the products featured in the post. 

Having this kind of feature creates a new level of product discovery journey for the customer, which is new, different and exciting. It bridges the gap between social media viewing and online purchasing, which is continuously moving closer as social media continues to rise. Giving people the opportunity to shop as they browse Instagram is something we will see becoming more and more common, and Rockstar Original has done a great job by getting in there ahead of the game.

3. Tom Brady Sports

Subscriptions Option

Tom Brady Sports, with Dyode Agency, is a website that offers a range of information and products all related to sports. What makes this website unique and stand out, is how much of Tom’s personal touch is involved in the website, and how much the viewer feels this. As soon as you enter the website you see ‘Tom’s Favorites’, which is a selected of products that immediately seem as if they are endorsed by Tom himself.

This is very reassuring for the shopper to see, and Tom’s own touch that continues throughout the website adds to the trust that the buyer feels as they are browsing. The second noticeable thing to create this effect on the website, is the amount of material that is present that isn’t only to do with retail; but also to do with health as a whole.

It is clear that this website isn’t only interested in you buying a product and that’s all, but this website cares about your whole health journey. This graphic which highlights different parts of this system shows how holistic the approach is, and the website is. For someone interested in joining this path, the website definitely provides all of the support and encouragement needed. It really went the extra mile.

Another great element of the website is how it visually highlights the option of buyers making subscriptions run by the ReCharge application. Continuity eCommerce is a powerful tool for merchants, that ensures regular repeat sales. It’s also incredibly helpful for the shopper, who doesn’t have to worry about ordering a product that’s run out; it will come by itself. Especially with products such as these vitamins and health products, highlighting the subscription capacities creates a great customer experience point.

4. Mastermind Toys

Product Finder

Mastermind Toys is a top class toy-selling website that delights kids and adults alike with all of the fantastic products it has on offer. Stream Commerce Agency and Mastermind Toys together have taken all the fun of a toy shop, and successfully converted this to an eCommerce retail website. How have they done this? With color, of course!

It’s super important, if toys are being sold and the main audience is kids, that the website is something that would appeal to them. Knowing your target audience and making sure the marketing applies in that direction is a huge factor in how well sales go. Mastermind Toys have got this down. 

The store locator at the top bar of the page, which lets you know where your closest store is and the hours that it’s open is another huge positive! Helping the brick and mortar stores being accessible will boost sales in all directions, it’s a win-win situation. Having a ‘pick up in-store’ option and an omni-channel approach is something that all eCommerce stores should consider.

Just as they have a store locator, they also have a ‘gift finder’ which is a variation on the MMY (Make, Model, Year) Product Finder, that helps shoppers find the perfect gift for them. Whether they are looking for inspiration and simply know the broad outline of what they are looking for, or if they know what they are looking for but don’t know the exact name; the gift finder will help. Being able to search through results achieves a similar effect of making sure that a customer will never leave without the toy that they are looking for.

5. Princess Polly

Buy Now, Pay Later

Australian and American trendy fashion giant retailer Princess Polly definitely knows how to burst onto your screen in the right way. This hugely popular fashion brand is always up to date with the latest trends, and most helpful ways to bring online shopping home. For example, their ‘Trending Near You’ feature combines the latest trends, with current, real time personalization. This means that what is being shown isn’t just popular, but specifically in your area. 

The trendiness, text font, and color scheme of the website in general helps to give the impression; these guys know fashion. The sustainability mission they have highlighted here as well is very cool and significant; with the rise of Green Commerce, more and more consumers are wanting to know what the brands they shop from are doing to help the environment- of course Princess Polly is on top of this. 

Another great feature that Princess Polly has to offer is their ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ option, which allows the customer to pay in installments rather than in one go. For a range of people with different financial situations, this scheme can make a huge difference and be so helpful. Considering the needs of all different customers, and offering these kinds of promotions really helps this brand and website stand out.

6. Steve Madden


Steve Madden, a brand that needs no introduction, goes out of their way to make customers feel included through their website. This could be quite a challenge, considering the fact that the name is so well-known, but their customer involvement incentives such as the one seen below, definitely help to make each customer feel valued. 

This competition which offers customers the chance to be featured by Steve Madden simply by sharing how they wear their shoes is a great way at making the shoppers feel included. Giving the image of a brand where everyone is part of one team is a great technique to make people feel involved. This customer interaction makes the website seem more than just a ‘store’ but more like a community.

Steve Madden have added a GIF effect to some of their shoes, so when they are diamond style, they have a moving twinkling product image. This is exactly the kind of forward thinking that brings a smile to customers’ faces. Their ‘You May Also Like’ feature also uses real-time personalization to aid the buyers’ journey in a way that is relevant and helpful to them.

7. Duckworth

Extra Details

Duckworth, run by Tadpull Agency, is a premium wool apparel company that has a ton of knowledge and expertise around the product they are selling and related fields, which comes through very strongly on the website. In order to make their website shine, they don’t just promote their products, but they explain, in detail, about everything they are offering. 

This extra detail creates an interesting and informative website, as well as a trusting brand impression that makes people more likely to spend. The extra time taken to explain the process can make all the difference to people who are looking to purchase. 

This level of transparency around their process, coupled with the beautiful images that they use on the website, succeed in giving the customer a fully rounded impression of what this company is about. Capturing the essence of the brand in a way that makes it easy for shoppers to understand is an art, and Duckworth have definitely succeeded in achieving this.

8. Clark Street Sports

Merchandising Strategies

Clark Street Sports, with Bold Commerce, is an unapologetically boisterous, strong and engaging web presence. The fear that a website would be entered and the product isn’t clear, definitely isn’t a problem here. 

The sports theme is visible from the moment you enter the website. Something that makes them stand out, is the organization of products based on the sports team; for example, White Sox, Bulls, Red Stars or City of Chicago. Each of these teams are accompanied by their logo, for easy sourcing. If you came onto the website looking for the merch for one of these teams, seeing this would definitely bring you some joy, as well as being a great merchandising strategy.

The clear organization of these categories, (shirts in one row, hats in another) along with the consistent dropdown categories that are offered when you hover over your time, make for a sleek and streamlined shopping experience. There is not the possibility of sales being missed here; people will undoubtedly be able to find what they came to the website to look for, and that’s super important to any eCommerce website.

After reading our list of impressive websites, we hope you’re feeling some inspiration. There are so many ways that you can optimize your website to boost conversions and buyer interaction- these are only a few. Making something that is relevant to your brand and image is super important, and making sure that you’re going the extra mile can make all of the difference. Who knows, maybe your website will be on this list next time around.

9. Petal and Pup

Mobile App Emphasis

The successful Australian fashion brand Petal and Pup with The Working Party agency, have created a heavenly vision of pastel colors on their website. The timeless simplicity means that the website itself is as visually appealing and elegant as the clothes they sell. Petal and Pup knows how to reach their target audience, Gen Z, in the right way. As well as offering an application to be an Ambassador on the website, which allows individuals with the right style to promote Petal and Pup clothes via social media, and a ‘Student Beans’ deal, Petal and Pup also have a strong emphasis on downloading their app.

Having a mobile app has been proven to increase sales and conversion rates, as well as allowing customers a constant method of interaction and communication with the brand. Highlighting the benefits that a mobile app brings, is a great move to show the customers that this brand considers all options.

10. Motherhood

Store Locator

Motherhood, with Acadaca Agency offers a range of products for pregnant or new mothers, from clothes to accessories to other maternity essentials. The tasteful website boasts a range of unique and specific categories that show they really know what their area of expertise.

The customers immediately feel that they are in good hands, and when it comes to something as important as newborn health, this is necessary in terms of creating a positive brand image. Another great feature they have is a Store Locator. This is highlighted at the top of the page, and allows you to find the brick and mortar store that is closest to you.

Giving the option for customers to go Omnichannel is a great way to increase chances of conversions being made. Some people might prefer heading to a physical store, and since the store locator is so handy, it takes any stress or difficulty away from being able to do this. On the other hand, if a physical store isn’t close by, the online store they are on has already more than proved how helpful and efficient it is; giving customers the trust to spend online.