The Power of Partnerships: Fast Simon Grows its Ecosystem


About Stamped
Stamped AI-powered eCommerce marketing solutions enable merchants to build meaningful connections with customers by keeping them engaged and rewarding them for shopping with you.

Integration Benefits
The integration between and Fast Simon enables you to showcase ratings and reviews in product search results within your eCommerce store, increasing click-through and conversion rates significantly.

How to set up the integration?

  1. Sign up for an account at Stamped
  2. On your Fast Simon merchant dashboard, head over to the Integration tab – search for Stamped in the “Reviews” list, and flip on the Stamped switch
Stamped reviews in the Search Results page and Filters, by Fast Simon, on beauty store,
Collaborations are essential for growth. These strategic relationships with trusted partners mean that more merchants will have access to our supercharged merchandising capabilities, our serverless-search engine, AI visual recommendations, and more. We look forward to announcing some exciting news shortly – from new products and features to other strategic collaborations and more. 

Stay tuned!