Swiftonomics: How Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour Is Changing Ecommerce

Taylor Swift is on tour, have you heard? Of course you have. It’s the largest tour in music history that has created mania in every city it’s graced. The sold out stadium tour has had huge effects on the tourism industry of these locations, as well as products and merchandise that accompany her arrival. This might not be the last time we see an event of this magnitude changing the eCommerce landscape so let’s take a closer look.


‘Swiftonomics’ has been well-documented in the American economy. Taylor Swift’s tour has been studied by millions of Gen Z-ers, especially over the social media platform TikTok. There are many elements that accompany the Era’s tour that create the overall experience. The outfits people wear, merchandise people have, and certain things that happen on the tour.

Costumes are being worn according to each ‘era’ Swift is performing. For example, the ‘Red’ era requires red clothing. The ‘folklore’ era requires nature-themed costumes. The ‘Reputation’ era requires leather or snake-themed costumes. There are more eras to get through.

Swiftonomics means that relevant retailers who might be selling to Swifties are ready for this. Creating a section on your website specifically for Taylor’s fans is a great way of getting them on board, and boosting sales.

Which Items Are Popular?

There are several products that have greatly increased in popularity. These include:

  • Cowboy hats
  • Cowboy boots
  • Sequin shorts
  • Sequin dress
  • Snake necklace
  • Friendship bracelet making kit

A popular phenomena at the Era’s tour is for fans to make and exchange friendship bracelets with other fans. These bracelets will contain words such as the names of songs, or other Taylor Swift references. 

If your store sells any of these items, or could be altered in order to cater to this demand, that could be a great move. Taylor’s fans are large in numbers and hold huge sales potential. Creating a campaign, or merchandising that centers the Era’s tour could be a smart move.

Shopify’s Era’s Tour Merchandise Launch

When it comes to official merchandise, Shopify partnered with Taylor Swift to launch her official Era’s Tour merchandise. On release day, the company saw “unprecedented sales and site visitors”. This is not something unusual for the mega-star. The overall result was that fans strongly contributed to overall results, with gross profit in the third-quarter up by 36%.

If Swift’s power wasn’t already clear, these figures certainly make it so. With fans spending prices that rival high-ticket items on official merchandising, it’s no wonder that profits were up. The excitement and movement around the pop sensation has led to increased eCommerce sales, and Shopify made the most of this.

What Does This Mean For Shopify?

This shows the Shopify platform to be at the center of eCommerce moving forwards. Connecting the dots between celebrities and their merchandise, whilst creating good authentic connections with customers. 

In the past, celebrity merchandise would be through manufacturers and retailers. Shopify has given stars the ability to connect directly with their fans through their own shopify stores. These sales can then be achieved via social media or social commerce should stars choose.


Whether it’s through fan-driven sales, or official merchandising, it’s clear that Taylor Swift has had a huge impact on global sales. The US leg of the Era’s tour saw the Swiftonomics boost stateside, and now the tour has moved to the UK and Europe, a similar boost is following. Staying on top of these kinds of popular trends and adapting your eCommerce strategy to fit these is a creative and clever way to make sure you stay relevant, and your sales boosted.