InstantSearch+ Is Now a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner

InstantSearch+ is proud to announce that it has been accepted to The Shopify Plus Certified App Program. 

Acceptance into this program requires a demonstrated track-record for quality technology and high performance.

As Shopify merchants’ needs grow, so too must the expertise of app developers. There are plenty of Shopify apps to choose from, however, not all of them can provide a high level of professionalism, service, and advanced technology that merchants are looking for.

In order to distinguish high-achieving apps and developers apart from the rest, Shopify implemented a certification program, The Shopify Plus Certified App Program. 

With this prestigious program, Shopify intends to highlight developers who “provide a level of product quality that meets the advanced requirements of Shopify Plus merchants.

How Do Apps Get Accepted Into The Shopify Plus Certified App Program?

Apps accepted into The Shopify Plus Certified App Program have been reviewed by the experts at Shopify Plus in order to ensure that the app meets the company’s high standards for performance, data privacy, digital security, and customer support.

Due to our high performing app, Shopify Plus has accepted InstantSearch+ into its program. We are honored to be among the handful of apps selected to receive the certification. There are thousands of apps in the Shopify App Store, but only a select few were chosen to become part of The Shopify Plus Certified App Program, and InstantSearch+ is excited to be one of them.

Once approved as a Shopify Plus Partner, the advanced apps are added to a specialized directory of Shopify Plus Certified Apps, providing merchants with a simple way to browse all the high-quality apps on offer.

InstantSearch+ Enterprise Capabilities Available to Shopify Plus

Some of our Enterprise-grade behind the scenes architecture & features:

  • Google Cloud High Availability infrastructure: By using Google Cloud High Availability, we guarantee that users have the highest available access to their services, tools, and data on InstantSearch+ from anywhere and at any time. 
  • WW Global Presence CDN: InstantSearch+ uses Akamai’s CDN for lightning-quick performance. This CDN will ensure that the speed of your website is increased while also reducing the latency.
  • Serverless Architecture: Our patent-pending serverless architecture technology can withstand any spike in traffic. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about increased traffic causing lags or overloading your shop.
  • Role-based Logins for enterprise security: In order to guarantee the highest levels of privacy and online security, we’ve created role-based logins so that different employees have access to data and information that pertains to them. For example, merchandisers are able to log in and only see merchandising screens, whereas your analysts will have access to your shop’s analytics without sharing that information with anyone else.
  • Multi-store Management: Many of our merchants use a single InstantSearch+ dashboard to manage multiple stores. Whether it is different country stores, multiple brands, or dev/staging/production, merchants can use the dashboard to manage settings, configurations, and analytics in multiple stores.