Level Up: Deeper Insights From AI-Optimized Shopping

However strong your marketing strategy and social campaigns, a great product alone isn’t enough to stand out from the crowd. Whatever you sell and wherever you sell it, upping your email marketing game can have a huge effect on your bottom line. AI optimized shopping can help.

A deep dive into Fast Simon – Klaviyo integration

Imagine the following scenario: customers are browsing your store, some are site searching for a product, some are browsing collections, and a few of them even add-to-cart. But alas, they leave without making a purchase and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or can you?

What if a shopper leaving your store without converting represented the beginning of the conversation, and not the end? What if you showed them items they might have missed, products similar to the ones that they searched or browsed for, or other products that complement the items they liked? We are not talking about generic “abandoned cart” emails, but about tailor-made, one of a kind abandoned search/abandoned collection emails. Emails that present a type of tablecloth to a shopper who is searching for the perfect cutlery for her wedding, or a matching pair of boots to a shopper who recently viewed a clutch bag.

By harnessing the power of AI to deliver personalized product recommendations, Fast Simon’s integration with Klaviyo helps you to unlock flows with an unprecedented open rate. Fast Simon events and data are integrated seamlessly into Klaviyo flows in real time. This gives ecommerce marketers unique remarketing opportunities based on actual in-store shopper behavior and intent.

Example: Enhancing Email Personalization With Product Recommendations

Emma browses a shoe store and finishes her session by clicking on these black leather sandals. She’s shown interest, but she doesn’t buy them.

A personalization platform, like Fast Simon, can identify similar high heeled sandals and feed Klaviyo with these product recommendations for Emma.

In Klaviyo’s dashboard, a merchant can set a flow to automatically send marketing and retargeting emails with Fast Simon upsell & cross-sell recommendations, meaning that every interaction that ends without conversion can still be harnessed to power an additional chance to make a sale. Here we have an optimized shopping experience.

Accelerate Growth with Personalized Emails, Campaigns & Flows

Here are some best practices for integrating Fast Simon with Klaviyo:

1. Abandoned Search Flow

Has a shopper exhibited explicit intent through the search function on your store? Email them with personalized recommendations based on their intent.

2. Abandoned Collection Flow

Has a shopper recently explored a collection? Email them personalized recommendations based on their observed implicit intent.

Fast Simon - Klaviyo - personalized emails

3. Product Recommendations Embedded in Any Flow

Already configured your own flow on Klaviyo? You can add product recommendations to it, wherever you see fit, to increase conversion rates.

4. AI-Powered Product Recommendations Embedded in Campaigns

Get proactive and send “Clearance – high boots” campaigns to the relevant shoppers that were actually interested in “high boots”.

No matter the store, the product or the type of customer – there’s always a way to improve your email marketing strategy through automation, AI and better leverage of data. By amping up and refining your personalization strategy, you’ll foster a happier, more loyal customer base, while growing your revenues at the same time.

Combine data with your marketing emails for a strategy that is so much greater than the sum of its parts, and the ultimate optimized shopping experience.