Natural Language Search

Natural Language Search

Match Your Results to Your Customers’ Intent

Shoppers search for products using common phrases, word synonyms, color variations, abbreviations, product specifications, and sometimes even spelling errors. Natural Language Search from InstantSearch+ ensures that your search understands all of these quirks by using a meaning-based contextual approach and shows your customers the exact products they want to see.

Provide the Best Shopping Experience

  • Semantic search improves the accuracy and relevance of search results
  • Smooth experiences increase the chance that your shoppers will return in the future


Benefits of Using Natural Language Search

Smart Search Means Happy Customers Which Means More Sales

Nothing is more frustrating that not being able to find what you’re looking for. Make sure that never happens to your customers by using InstantSearch+ Natural Language Search. Displaying accurate results ensures that you’ll have satisfied customers. And satisfied customers are more likely to return to your store and purchase from you again!

Understand Your Customers Better Than Ever Before

InstantSearch+ NLS enables you to gain unprecedented insight into the purchasing intent of your shoppers. Not only is it a great experience for them, but it also helps you learn about your customers and optimize your store to match their interests.

Special Features

  • Accurate search using natural language

  • Automatic data enrichment

  • Get optimized search through long and complex queries

Show Customers What They Want to See

  • Shouldn’t your search be as easy as “red shoes under $100”? InstantSearch+ understands the contextual meaning and displays accurate results
  • Customers tend to be specific about what they want. With InstantSearch+, you can guarantee the most relevant results, no matter the length or complexity of the search phrase.
  • Don’t let colors, prices, sizes and other product specifications trick your search bar. Natural Language Search understands how people speak, and shows results accordingly.

How It Works

  • Shoppers type a long and complex search phrase into your site’s search box
  • InstantSearch+ understands their natural language, and finds the best results for that shopper
  • The shopper gets precise and error-free results with the specifications that they indicated

The New Standard of E-commerce

  • Shoppers have come to expect seamless experiences while searching, viewing and purchasing items online.
  • Leading E-commerce sites have enabled Natural Language Search functionality, and thus it has become the industry standard.
  • Don’t let your store fall behind! Enable InstantSearch+ Natural Language Search today!
  • Good for your customers = good for you. Simple.