InstantSearch+ A/B testing – Data Science In Minutes

InstantSearch+ will split your traffic to get the scenarios you want to check, for the time you want to perform the test.
More than just answering the one-time hypothesis, A/B tests can be used consistently to improve the shopping experience on your site.

With InstantSearch+ A/B tests you can optimize:

  • Collections – The way you arrange them , what products to display in the first spots vs. the bottom of the page.
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell – Whether to use recommended products, similar styles, complete the look, and where to place those recommendaions.
  • AutoComplete – Decide on the order of suggestions you display in the autocomplete dropdown menu.
  • Search – Test various types of search boxs designs and locations.
  • Merchandising – Decide on the best merchandising strategy that fits your store.
dropdown shop autocomplete