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Increased product purchase by 10x with InstantSearch+ search and navigation


Sport Accessories


Shopify Plus


Improving product findability and site navigation, indexing thousands of SKUs, display products in a timely and accurate manner.


Seamless integrated on-site search; Use the power of search to dynamically present the most relevant products.



Conversion rate is 6x higher than non-search with InstantSearch+


Product purchase from customers using InstantSearch+ is 10X higher than non-search


A third of the store’s revenue comes from recommended products


Sleefs is a performance apparel brand that specializes in development of custom gear for pro-athletes, teams and corporations.
Sleefs designs and produces everything from arm and leg sleeves to headbands, bandanas, t-shirts and jerseys.

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Best search and merchandising platform we’ve seen, and we’ve tried a few… Instant Search+ has made not only our search experience from a customer’s point of view more relevant, but also made our lives easier by allowing us to manage the way we display our products on our site much faster, easier and seamlessly.


Sleefs handles thousands of different SKUs in various product types, so being able to display the variety of products in a way that the customers can actually find what they want in a timely and accurate manner is a challenge.


Use the power of search to dynamically present the most relevant products

With IS+ we have been able to better structure our collections to show all our products, plus we are also able to better organize search results to display appropriately


Sleefs understood that they needed to showcase all their products in a way that the customers will be able to find what they want easily, while smoothly navigating across the store. Using InstantSearch+ smart navigation gives them exactly that. It dynamically presents the most relevant products, categories, and filters to the store visitors. Sleefs not only enjoys a consistent look and UX across the different categories but also the customers get a personalized browsing experience that answers the customers’ true need – finding what they want, quickly and easily.

Seamless integrated on-site search

In addition to a smooth search and navigation experience, Sleefs wanted a tailor-made pixel-perfect look of all the frontend features. InstantSearch+ supplied all of Sleefs customization needs to ensure a consistent, sharp look, across all store’s pages.

Our favorite thing is the fact that we can create the collections directly from shopify

In their previous search engine, Sleefs had to create the collections on both platforms, causing duplication and an overall cumbersome process. InstantSearch+ seamlessly sets the framework to work directly with the Shopify store setup.
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Sleefs integrated InstantSearch+ to their site, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for in a personalized and quick way. With InstantSearch+, Sleefs search conversion rate increased by 6x, which led to more purchases. Product purchases from customers using search is now 10x higher than customers that are not searching.

Aside from search, Sleefs is also using InstantSearch+ product recommendations to leverage customers’ purchases. For a brand like Sleefs this is an essential feature that helps customers complete their buying experience. Since enabling this, recommended products are responsible for over a third of the store’s revenue.

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