Advanced AI-based Search and Merchandising Optimizes Shopping to Bring Expert Curation to Online Experiences




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large and changing catalog, needing to stand out from others in the market, search issues with ‘hard-to-find’ items


unique selling experience, customized product curation, personalized omnichannel eCommerce experience


Mastermind Toys began in 1984 as a 300-square-foot shop in Toronto that sold educational software for home computers. Since then, it has grown into Canada’s Authority on Play: the nation’s largest specialty toy and children’s book retailer with 68 locations coast to coast and online. It is known for its world-class curation of toys, games, puzzles and books, along with its signature wrapping paper. In 2020, Mastermind Toys was named the Most Innovative Retailer Globally at the Toy & Game International Excellence Awards.


Nagging search issues with ‘hard-to-find’ items
Tackling a rapid move to digital & omnichannel sales
Handling a large and changing product inventory
Hard to find a cohesive system that works smoothly and efficiently


Fast Simon’s AI shopping optimization delivered the perfect digital advantage that matched our innovative curation of toys, books, puzzles, and games to bring our expertise in play patterns to life online. It solved nagging search issues for hard-to-find items that frustrated shoppers and amplified our creative offerings.

Susan Anderson |Vice President, Marketing & Brand

Synonym & Natural Language Search Capacities

With a large and changing catalog, Fast Simon’s natural language search capabilities meant that customers were able to discover new products without knowing the specific name of the products. For example, customers may now know that ‘YumBox’ was the brand name for the lunchbox they were after, but would still find it through a more generic search.


AI Powered Intent Based Search

A personalized search means that each customer feels valued by the company. Fast Simon’s AI optimization means that as soon as a customer begins typing, intent is predicted and the customer is met with exactly what they are looking for. Not only does this boost AOV and conversion rates, but it also increases brand loyalty as the individual customers’ needs are being met.


Uniquely Tailored Merchandising

Fast Simon’s merchandising capacities meant that Mastermind Toys could take control of the customer experience online. Customers were able to see personalized unique collections to them, driving search through advanced rules and all adding to the merchandising strategy. This enabled an omnichannel commerce experience that was previously unavailable.

From our curated web boutiques to our signature Gift Finder tool that allows gift givers to customize their search, our digital functionality puts the special back into specialty and firmly positions us as the birthday and holiday destination for gifting, coast to coast

Susan Anderson |Vice President, Marketing & Brand
Mastermind Toys Filters


Mastermind Toys Website

Working with Fast Simon, Mastermind Toys was able to grow online and mobile channel sales by approximately 300 percent in the past twelve months. Having been given the opportunity to modernize and increase digital sales, Mastermind is continuing to expand its omnichannel strategy. They have recently introduced ‘Woo-hoo HQs”, a new shopping reality which blends physical and digital experiences, continuing to keep the brand special for kids of all ages.

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