Quadrupled search conversion rate with Fast Simon


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Managing high stock inventory, getting shoppers to find what they are looking for, specific customization needs.


Zachys elevates search and navigation performance with Fast Simon Smart Navigation and Product Recommendations.


Of all sales comes from shoppers who have interacted with search and navigation
Of the store revenue comes from product recommendations
Conversion rate from search is 4x higher that non search with InstantSearch+


Founded in 1944, Zachys is a family-owned business that continues to grow, nationally and globally. Zachys vision is to introduce fine wine and to provide the best customer service., offers thousands of wine selections from around the globe. As a company that organically grew from a small family business to a corporation, Zachys faced a lot of technical challenges and chose InstantSearch+ as a tech partner that can assist with those challenges and scale with the company.

I love Fast Simon, it’s a great product. We definitely made a lot of revenue because of it. The platform is very intuitive and easy to use, even for non-technical people, which really helps us get the most out of it. I have to say that the Artificial Intelligence behind the platform is also fantastic.

MATT MORTON |E-Commerce&Digital Coordinator


Managing high stock inventory that updates daily
Out of the box customization requirements to fit the store’s needs
Getting shoppers to find what they are looking for quickly through search and navigation


The fact that it is so easy for non-tech people is amazing. I can show the analytics dashboard to the rest of my team, and they will all get the bottom line of things.

MATT MORTON |E-Commerce&Digital Coordinator

With Fast Simon, Zachys was able to create a commerce experience that puts customers first and elevates search and navigation performance. Fast Simon helped set up and customize the search experience, along with navigation, filters and product recommendations, which included some outside-of-the-box requests. Once all was up and running, the day-to-day management was a breeze.

Predictive search from the first character typed

“Fast Simon fills the gap with newer functionalities we don’t have across the site.”, says Matt. Besides search, Zachys also implemented Fast Simon Smart Navigation. Giving them a cohesive layout of products presentation across the site, on desktop and mobile. They also added Fast Simon Product Recommendation to help customers discover more wine products.

Harness the search data to understand shoppers’ intent

Finally, now that Zachys had so much data about the shoppers searching and browsing preference, they needed an efficient way to analyze it. At this point, Fast Simon analytics reports became another essential tool.

Zachys website snapshot


Fast Simon is a valuable addition to our business. We used a different search provider before Fast Simon that did not yield the desired results.

MATT MORTON | E-Commerce&Digital Coordinator
Fast Simon search results on Mobile

Prior to Fast Simon, Zachys’ search platform did not yield the right results to increase product purchase. The move to Fast Simon quadrupled the search conversion rate to – 10.74%. Now, 78% of the store revenue comes from shoppers who searched or navigated the site. And when it comes to recommended products, 22% of shoppers convert after interacting with that feature.

Zacyhs continues to grow and is now planning on implementing InstantSearch+ Merchandising to their store.

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