Summer 2024 Social Media Trends

Driven by technological advancements and social media trends, the social media landscape continues to evolve as we move into summer 2024. In the world of social media, being aware of the trends is as important as having engaging content. Often, the two go hand in hand. So in order to make sure that your social media strategy strikes gold this summer, check out our list of current trends.

Short Form Videos

Because of the rise of TikTok, as well as Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts, it’s not surprising that short form videos are so popular. Users are drawn towards quick and engaging content, with high entertainment level and exciting, engaging content. 

More brands will be leveraging this over the summer, for all kinds of uses. This could be:

Content creators will already be versed in this option, but the quality should be good. If you know how to master short form entertainment well, with authentic videos, this will be a great asset to your 2024 summer social media strategy.

Social Commerce

Social Commerce has been on the rise for some time now. Giving shoppers the ability to purchase directly from the social media platform itself makes a lot of sense. So much product discovery is done via social media, so rather than diluting the buying funnel by directing to your eCommerce store, social commerce removes any friction from the process.

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok now all offer integrated checkout options within the apps. Shoppable posts, livestream shopping events and personalized shopping experiences can all be integrated into social media. Watch this drive sales and engagement, and add a whole new dimension to your social media experience.

AI-Generated Content

You’ve probably already seen AI-generated images on your social media. The new capacity of AI to create images has delighted many social media users, but it has value for brands too. It creates the potential for high quality content quicker and more seamlessly than before.

AI-generated content such as art, music and text (Chat GPT) will continue to grow in popularity across the tech world, and therefore in the eCommerce world too. This creates the opportunity for brands to connect to their audiences in new ways. 

Greener Commerce

With Gen Z leading the way, sustainability and social consciousness within social media continues to be a key player. Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of their purchases. They want to purchase from brands that share their values. This can be seen over social media, where brands are able to demonstrate their commitment.

Successful brands will show their effort in maintaining social and environmental awareness, and what eco-friendly and ethical practices they support. Communication over social media is important, and should be a main focus this summer.

Voice Commerce

The rise of voice commerce is no surprise to the eCommerce industry. As it is the most accessible and easy way for consumers to communicate with their mobile devices, why not incorporate this? Social media platforms are starting to incorporate this into their systems also. 

Your eCommerce brand can create audio content such as podcasts, voice notes and live audio chats in order to get involved with this. The more diversity and possibility you offer within your voice and audio social media strategy, the more likely you are to impress your customers.


Summer 2024 in the social media sphere is set to be innovative and exciting. The trends emphasize creativity and authenticity within the social media world, whilst combining them with current technological transformations. If you follow the tips we’ve set forward here, you will have  a great social summer.