Search API – for your mobile app

Control your exact customized user experience of Search, Smart Collection, Personalization and Upsell & Cross-Sell Product Recommendation using our direct API, while enjoying our rich self-service dashboard for Merchandising.

Provide your teams the tools and resources they need to create the search experience best suited for your store.

  • Integrates with your native Mobile App
  • Gives you front-end control over your shoppers’ user experience in the auto-complete drop down and search results page
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Mobile device showing e-commerce website with Fast Simon's search results

Benefits of using our Search API

  • Lightning fast, highly relevant, self-learning search 
    Engage users with fast and rich autocomplete from the first character typed
  • Love to code?
    Get front-end control over your site search results page and autocomplete drop down
  • Built for mobile
    Get a great search experience regardless of what device your customers are using. InstantSearch+ gives your mobile site and app users a fast, friendly mobile search
  • Smart Collection, Upsell & Cross-Sell Recommendation, Visual Merchandising, AI based Synonyms suggestions and more, all is included
 Steve Madden's search results page on Mobile built by Fast Simon

Merchandising – Control What You Want to Sell

Merchandising is the art and science of display and arrangement of products for best shopper experience. It is a statement of what you would like to sell, be it through manual arrangement, rules, or AI optimization.
Whether you are in the apparel business, electronics, food, or crafts – merchandising gives you control of what you would like to sell and promote.

  • Search Merchandising
    Promote specific products per specific keyword search
  • Collection Merchandising
    Arrange an entire collection product placement
  • Rule-Based Merchandising
    Promote entire categories over others
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell Merchandising
    Set specific rules for product upsell and cross-sellX
Control What You Want to Sell - Fast Simon dashboard

Fast Simon Powers Millions of Searches a Day for 1B+ Shoppers

Thousands of online merchants and agencies trust Fast Simon+ for consistently relevant personalized results, maximum flexibility and unrivaled time-to-market

The advanced analytics and devoted customer service are pretty great, too

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