Top Ecommerce Apps 2023

Having a successful running eCommerce store is not an easy task, especially in 2023. Shoppers are expecting an optimized experience over all areas of the site. Ecommerce apps are designed to help you achieve all of this. In 2023 there is no shortage of amazing apps that can create the eCommerce store of your dreams. Let’s take a look at some of the top apps your store can use in 2023.


Having an optimized and high quality mobile app is more important than ever in 2023. Mobile commerce is becoming more and more common. Huge percentage of shoppers do so on their mobile devices. If your store isn’t accessible, fast and high quality on a mobile screen- you have a problem. This is where Tapcart comes in.

Tapcart offers a no-code creation of a mobile app. It offers a performance analytics dashboard, and unlimited free push-notifications. Having a mobile app of this quality can transform your whole mobile shopping experience. allows you to grow your online reputation through authentic reviews. The power of social proof is clear. Customers don’t trust brand promotions, they want to hear recommendations from other shoppers. lets your store shine through this, boosting sales and improving brand image.

Offering a seamless integration with a multitude of different shop platforms and other eCommerce services, you can’t go wrong with It allows you to collect customers photos and videos which can be integrated into marketing campaigns, creating a trustworthy tool.


Email marketing campaigns have a higher percentage of click-through rates than most other marketing tactics. Reaching people in their inbox, especially with personalized messages, is an incredible marketing strategy.

Klaviyo is therefore the must-have email marketing app for any eCommerce store. It creates email marketing campaigns that are based on customer segments. Marketing flows are triggered by events that can be pulled by Shopify. These can be ‘Cart Abandoners’ or ‘First-Time Shoppers’.


Offering social proof that speaks to your shoppers is super important in creating deeper trust and brand engagement. In order to shine here, an app must be used that exceeds customer expectations. Loox offers the opportunity to “Humanize Your Brand”. It gives your brand recommendations a familiar and trustworthy feel, even those who have never heard of your brand before.

Loox is a Social Proof Marketing platform that allows you to collect and display beautiful product reviews, with a focus on photo and video reviews. The ease of use and simple onboarding will get your store to the next level in under 2 minutes.


Marketing systems that reach people where they spend time have huge effectivity. Attentive offers personalized SMS and email marketing. With highly powerful retargeting SMS campaigns, recommendations can be sent based on shoppers behaviors and a smart AI personalization engine.

Contacting their shoppers with their individual needs shows you care about them, and engages them strongly. Catchy and accurate message content, sent to specific customer groups will guarantee further engagement and brand trust.


Landing pages are your shoppers first point of contact with your store. This means it’s their first impression, and your chance to impress the shopper. You want your landing page to turn browsers into buyers. PageFly helps create a landing page that can achieve this. 

Their drag-and-drop no-code landing page builder helps you to build a page that will convert. Its intuitive features will help you create a storefront that works for you. This can improve your performance and grow revenue. It will also give you the control to make your landing page as impressive as you desire it to be.

Fast Simon

There are several parts of a website that are crucial in ensuring that the overall experience is quick, engaging and optimized. Fast Simon offers a range of some of the most important: Merchandising, Personalization & Site Search. Their No-Code Merchandising Editor allows you to create the merchandising strategy and rules that suit your store perfectly.

Their optimized site search saves time and creates conversions by allowing shoppers to always find what they are looking for. AI & machine learning means this is achieved quickly and seamlessly. Lastly, their personalization capacities allow each shopper to feel valued by receiving an experience on your eCommerce store that is directly tailored to their needs. This boosts engagement and builds brand loyalty.


With this high-quality level of apps available, there’s no excuse for not having an optimized eCommerce store in 2023. These apps have every different part of your store covered, and will provide the customer experience your shoppers deserve.