What Is Fast Simon’s Gen AI Hybrid Search?

Fast Simon has just launched Gen AI Hybrid Search. This has the capacity to take your eCommerce search to the next level, optimizing functionality for users and results for merchants. Let’s take a deeper look at what it is.

Importance Of Site Search

We all know the importance of an optimized site search. The search bar is one of the most important elements of any eCommerce store. Particularly for high-intent customers, who will go to the search bar before they go anywhere else. 

Shoppers expect search to be fast and accurate, and to meet their needs. With Natural Language Processing (NLP) shoppers have been able to search using the words they want to, and synonym and antonym suggestions have aided this. However, there is only so far that keyword search can take us. This is where Fast Simon’s Gen AI Hybrid Search steps in.

Gen AI Hybrid Search

Fast Simon’s Vector Search function has already allowed for a more in depth search. Searcher intent can be used to find results, rather than keywords alone. This Gen AI Hybrid search combines keyword and vector search, to allow searches to be made in a multimodal manner.

Different data types can now be used to provide search results for different queries. Multimodal sources such as images and text can now be used via search to identify products. This can give the AI more context, and improve the customer experience.

The Results

With this hybrid search, combined with the powerful keyword search that Fast Simon has been known to offer, the outcome result is highly optimized.

Overall, this search will drastically reduce instances of ‘no results’ being found. Shoppers will be matched with relevant search results, and have the capacity to search in ways that suit them. Not all shoppers know the correct terminology, or have textual references to find what they are looking for. The outcome of this is a huge increase in conversions, especially in fashion products such as apparel, footwear and accessories. 

To Conclude

Fast Simon’s new Gen AI Hybrid Search offers your shoppers a more holistic approach to search than ever before. Provide your shoppers with their results each and every time, as well as demonstrating that you are with the latest trends when it comes to AI search technology.