Why Every Store Needs Search: A Q&A with the Founder of InstantSearch+

A brief quote from the interview made by Pixel Union:

“Here are some must-have advice for ecommerce merchants:

Number one, I would say have a clear, visible search box. You’d be amazed at how many ecommerce sites don’t have a site search box, or have it hidden for design considerations. The equivalent would be having a brick-and-mortar store with nobody to talk to. Can you imagine walking into a store to buy something, and there’s nobody to talk to? What would happen? You would walk away. There are so many ecommerce shops in this exact situation.

Number two, I would say time is money. This is true in search more than anything else. Make sure your search is fast. At the end of the day, people are conditioned by Amazon and by Google, and they expect your shop to do the same.

Number three, I’d say leverage your search and product recommendations as an engaging merchandising vehicle. When you have autocompletion in your search—rich autocompletion with images of products that users may have an intent to buy—that increases the trust of the user, because you know what they’re looking for and can get it to them right away. It increases their confidence in your ability to serve them, and it delivers the goods. Also, when your users get to the search results page, make sure you have the right filters to help them narrow down the options to the product they actually want. And of course, make sure your search is relevant. Many searches get you the wrong results.

Merchants need to think about search not as a design element, but as a huge merchandising and conversion vehicle—probably the best and most impactful tool on their site.”

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