How to Drive Traffic with Promotional Tiles?

Having a new, on-trend product on your website is great, but it’s not enough. Neither is having a brand new promo code that your customers can redeem for an incredible discount. In order to get shoppers to buy said item, or to use the promo code that will make their day and up your average cart size, you’ll need to find the best ways to let them know about your best offers. That’s where promotional tiles come in. Done right, they are visually appealing and can entice shoppers to buy more from your ecommerce store.

Your tiles strategy should be closely tied in with your visual merchandising strategy. You may have an in-house online merchandiser taking care of tasks like these. Or maybe you’re using machine learning and AI with Fast Simon to save time and personalize offers, both in your visual merchandising and display merchandising, ensuring customers see the item pictures that sell your products best. Either way, it’s easy to understand why simply showing a customer your products isn’t enough to stand out in the sea of options that is the World Wide Web. You’ll need to advertise directly on your website, bringing shoppers exactly where you want them to ensure you maximize their average order value.

Promotional Tiles

You know promotional banners and you’ve seen them everywhere. But are yours effective? Too many messages can blur the customer’s mind, distracting them instead of making them buy, while not enough does not give them a specific direction with urgency and clarity, resulting in less sales.

Promo Tiles can live on any of your site’s pages, from the homepage to the collection pages, all the way to your site search result pages, FAQs, and Contact Us section. But what makes them successful? Follow these tips to make sure your promotional tiles are always purposeful and impactful.

Know Your Audience

Unless you’re a brand new company, we bet you know your customer demographic like the back of your hand. Show them you know them and have their best interests in mind by showing them what they love. Highlight a super on-trend product most of your customers will probably want with the help of a banner on the homepage, or remind them of a fantastic promotion they just can’t miss on all of your product pages and search result pages.

Use Top-Quality Photos 

Your tiles should look just as good as the rest of your website. You wouldn’t want them to look tacky or out of place! They should go with the style of your ecommerce store, while also standing out. Make sure your banner photos look as good as all your product pictures and use colors that go with the items you’re selling, as well as the current vibe of your site, and that are sure to draw your customer in.

Include a Call to Action

Words should be more than a series of letters put together to make grammatical sense. They should lead your customers. Good ecommerce copywriting is all about intent and purpose—what do you want your shoppers to do? Get them to visit a desired page, redeem a specific promo code, buy a particular item, or do a specific action (like subscribing to your newsletter or following you on social media) by using the right words the right way.

Call to actions—often referred to as CTAs—should include, well… action. ‘Shop’, ‘visit’, ‘browse’, ‘discover’, ‘explore’, ‘sign up’, and ‘redeem’ are great words to use in your CTAs. Make your customers understand they should not miss out on a particular offer by adding urgency—words like ‘now’, ‘today’, ‘hurry’, and ‘last chance’. Incorporated with the products and offers they want to see, plus beautiful photos, good calls to action will lead to great results.

Promotional tiles are particularly useful for:

  • Announcements
  • Promoting products
  • Special offers

Since they take very little space and are embedded into your search results, promotional tiles almost act as a subliminal message to a customer who is scrolling. “Wait, did I just see a promo code?” In a sea of search results, grab their attention with beautiful design, snappy copy, and something they’re interested in.

Put Them to the Test

Fast Simon can help you showcase the right tiles and promo banners to the right customers using machine learning AI. Take your visual and display merchandising game to the next level today!