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Offer Custom Site Search Worthy of your Goals

eCommerce isn’t an easy game to play, but you already know that. Fulfilling orders, keeping up with stock and staying ahead of competition is more than enough to handle, and it’s easy to put user experience on the back burner.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for customers to notice things like a lacking – or missing – site search experience, yielding partial, inaccurate and visually unappealing results. If your customers regularly encounter this, you’re probably missing out on quite a few conversions.

Upgrade to an advanced Custom site search built-to-measure for your custom website, even if you don’t use a platform such as Magento, Shopify, or BigCommerce. InstantSearch+ will have your site converting better than ever in no-time, whether it is using HTML, PHP or.NET.

custom site search

Just What Your Site Needed

Our custom Site Search solution significantly simplifies and improves search capability on your website. With smooth search, your shoppers will be able to find what they’re looking for faster, speeding up and increasing conversion.

Fast-growing eCommerce merchants shouldn’t jeopardize their momentum to finance never-ending development, and that’s where we step in. You can have a fully operational site search, made to your specific requirements, in record time! All this, with maximum flexibility and customizability from day one.

InstantSearch+ analyzes user behavior to identify purchasing intent in real time, presenting the most relevant and targeted results.

Here’s some of what’s included:

  • Smart Navigation
  • Rule-Based Merchandising
  • Rich Auto-Complete
  • Semantic Search
  • Auto-Generated Filters
  • Natural Language Processing

Infinite Merchandising Possibilities

InstantSearch+ uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze user search behavior and present the most relevant results. With a fully custom site search, you’ll have the freedom to customize any aspect of merchandising according to your needs, for any reason: Revenue margin, an ongoing promotion, stock surplus, etc.

Custom Results

Arrange products in any order you wish for popular search queries. You can even hide certain products from results!

Rule-Based Merchandising

We automatically sort merchandise in your categories according to user intent, thus combining visual, rule-based product placement with search data to increase conversion. Customize this at any time by visually re-arranging products and setting rules.

Prioritized Results

Choose to raise or lower the results ranking of products according to set rules. These rules can vary by search keyword, season and the user’s geo-location.

custom site search
custom site search

Smart Navigation

Improve user navigation in your by displaying relevant products and filters throughout category pages. With these filters, visitors will navigate your site more intuitively, whether they’re just browsing or heading straight to checkout

Smart Navigation delivers the most relevant products, categories, and filters across your category pages, enabling consistent user experience. It’s continuously optimized for superb product relevance, based on real users’ behavior and intent in your store.

custom site search

AI-based Synonym Search

It’s very likely different customers will use different keywords to describe the same thing. Plus, you probably won’t be able to predict all the possible phrases or word a visitor will use, so it’s likely some won’t be present in your product page.

To overcome this, InstantSearch+ not only supports synonym queries, but also uses big data to automatically suggest synonyms you can use to improve product titles and descriptions! This ensures you won’t miss out on a sale because a customer searched for a “feline bed” instead of a “cat bed”.

custom site search
Real-Time Search Analytics

View vital analytics about your website in your very own personalized, user friendly dashboard:
Gain these insights and more:

What your shoppers search for

What your shoppers don’t search for

Your most converting keywords per category and per product

A summary of shoppers’ intent

Keywords your customers aren’t finding

How site search impacts your conversion and revenue

Self Service & Automation

InstantSearch+ was designed to be easy and quick to set up, without the need for programmers. Set up is done by flipping a series of switches intuitively, allowing merchants to configure every detail, and even customize the appearance and content of search results.

You and your visitors can enjoy a beautiful, integrated site search in minutes. To take the customization a step further, InstantSearch+ supports advanced configuration through CSS overrides and the JS API. With the help of our experts, it’s possible to develop a fully custom front-end search through the JSON API.

custom site searc

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