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Upgrade your Wix Site with Site Search

Being the owner of a Wix site, you already know it packs a lot of benefits. DIY design couldn’t be easier, and the time required to go live with a beautiful website is without competition.

Once you have a site with lots of content, or a store with dozens of products, you may want to help users and shoppers find what they are after with Site Search for Wix – the top rated search app on Wix’s App Market.
Even if you paid handsomely for initial setup – there is always an additional expense lurking, whether it’s to fix bugs, perform maintenance, or make changes. So, while you’re on the eCommerce treadmill, wouldn’t it be nice to check off search from your to-do list?

Site Search, an advanced site search app built especially to be compatible for the Wix platform. It’s completely turnkey, so you won’t need to devote any additional development nor resources to see results

wix site search

Site Search by InstantSearch+ Lets You Do More with Wix

Site search can power up your on-site experience and delight your users. You can ensure your visitors linger a while by giving them access to relevant, filtered results.

Site Search by InstantSearch+ is a fully customizable search app that works at the flip of a switch. Play around with the colors, size and position of any element, to achieve exactly what you’re looking for on your Wix website.

With Site Search, your visitors will be able to find what they’re after quicker, increasing your page views, time on site and other vital metrics.
Our Wix search solution includes:

  • Rich Auto-Complete
  • Product Suggestions
  • Automatic Sync
  • Search Filters
  • Galleries & Visuals
  • Contact Us Form

Site Search:

Lightning Fast Site Search for Wix

Improve your website with a great site search

wix site search

Real-Time Auto-Complete & Product Suggestions

From the very first character typed into the search box, our patented and responsive Auto-Complete feature springs into action, predicting a keyword or query with astonishing accuracy.

With Auto-Complete, Site Search generates relevant product suggestions in a drop down. Users can take advantage of this shortcut to directly click onto a product page, reducing the number of steps required for conversion

wix site search

Self Service All the Way

When we created Site Search, we set out to design an easy-to-use app that can be quickly set up in no time

By flipping a series of intuitive switches, you can customize the position, size and color of your Wix Site Search to suit your preferences. You’ll enjoy an upgraded, rich site search in no-time, with little effort

wix site search

Search Filters

Make browsing your website even more friendly but helping users narrow down results by price and other attributes such as color and size. This is possible with custom search filters. What’s more impressive is that the filters are set automatically per your products’ attribute. You don’t have to sweat

wix site search

Galleries & Visuals

Site Search by InstantSearch+ helps your Wix site visitors find images by their name, caption or the tags you used when uploading them.

Image results are presented in a gallery view, for simple and optimal navigation. This feature also enhances product results by including relevant images and prices

wix site search

Automatic Sync

Rest assured every content change you make on your website will be updated and indexed quickly, thanks to our automatic sync.

Premium customers can also sync on demand, whenever there is new content on their website.

wix site search

Automated Contact Us Form

Don’t you hate it when your shoppers could not find what they wanted? Well, now, if your visitors encounter this issue they will finally be able to do something about it.

When a search yields no results, a Contact Us form will appear automatically, so that your users have a convenient, quick way to let you know exactly what they’re after

wix site search
Business Analytics Dashboard

At any given moment, access your very own dashboard for priceless insights such as:

What users are searching for on your site

What users aren’t finding on your site

How to improve your SEO and attract more organic traffic

Much, much more

wix search plugin

Site Search is a Top Featured Wix App

InstantSearch+ Powers Millions of Searches a Day for 350,000+ Sites

Hundreds of Thousands of Wix merchants and agencies trust Site Search by to deliver
relevant results, maximum flexibility and unrivaled time-to-market.

The advanced analytics and devoted customer service are pretty great, too.