Customers’ Success Stories
Hear from Spiceology CEO how InstantSearch+ contributed to the sales increase, conversion rate, automatic filters creation, and overall site performance.
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From a graduation trip into a multimillion-dollar eCommerce empire. Learn how Pura Vida Bracelets increased their conversion rate.
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Watch how the world leader in military collectibles, IMA, uses our powerful merchandising tool in the search results page.
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From a retail store in LA to an eCommerce fashion empire. Read how they anticipate shoppers intent with incredibly relevant search results.
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Read how this world-class fashion brand delivers incredibly detailed onsite search results and drive conversions.
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From a family-owned business to a global eCommerce enterprise. Learn how Zachys quadrupled their search conversion rate with InstantSearch+.
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With global expansion on sight, read how Targus found the sweet-spot between functionality and cost.
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Thousands of eCommerce shop
owners are selling more with InstantSearch+

Here’s What They Have to Say


    “We’ve been using Instant Search for about 3 years now and it is a huge part of our e-commerce business. Easy to use and a very communicative support team that is definitely one of the standouts in the app universe here on Shopify. It’s been a big contributor to the growth of our company too and has helped us grow roughly 40% YoY since launching on Shopify. The platform has so many easily customizable options that it truly is an out of the box solution and is what you make of it. Once you get the lay of the land in the admin panel, you realize that you can do everything that you need to.”

  • Jason Greenwood
    eCommerce Manager

    When we commenced our re-platform from Magento to BigCommerce Enterprise, we soon realized that the native BC site search was never going to cut it for our needs. We looked at several enterprise site search alternatives and settled on InstantSearch for its user-friendliness, SaaS architecture, and full feature set. The fact that there was a native integration app for BigCommerce was the icing on the cake.

    We have been able to further customize IS+ to our specific needs and the IS+ support team have been extremely helpful and supportive whenever we have needed it.

    Thanks team!

  • Carson Finkle
    Director of E-Commerce

    “This app is a no brainer if your store has a lot of products.
    The look-a-alike feature is awesome and does a great job of recommending similar products.
    If you take the time to add a lot of tags to your products, you can really develop great searching capabilities on your site to show customers exactly what they are looking for.”


    “These are the reasons why you should implement this search on your store. 1st, very good search engine. both finds the items your customer is looking and makes good near close suggestions based on the words. 2nd, recommendation widget – it includes 4 recommendation widgets which you can put in the “related products” position on your product pages. 3rd, the customer service is excellent. Bottom Line: Best search engine we’ve had to date.“


    “After a long search, we took a test with Instant Search+ and found that it had all the things we needed:  search suggestions, pictures with each product in the drop down and the main thing we were looking for: refining search results. Before Instant Search+ we had complaints about our site being hard to find things on. Since starting the app we have had no complaints, only compliments. It is well worth the investment.”

  • David Miller
    Senior Technology Product Manager

    “InstantSearch+ is a big improvement on the out-of-the-box search functionality offered by BigCommerce. It provides a lot of control over search results and a lot of options for customization for look and feel. Their support team is excellent and willing to go above-and-beyond to help.”

  • Shawn Shadkam

    “InstantSearch+ is one of the best investments we made for our site. Our visitors can search our products and get quick search results that are super relevant. The plugin is also continuously updated with new features such as better analytics, products recommendations and much more. And most importantly their support is very responsive and resolves issues quickly.”


    “InstantSerach+ suits our needs perfectly. It’s easy to install, has excellent support, and importantly does exactly what it is meant to do, providing a detailed search experience for customers as well as feedback to us through the dashboard that is informative and actionable. Highly recommended and a must if you are serious about search.”


    “We were searching for ages for the best search solution. A perfect search function is essential these days, because people are used to find what they need with one click. We have tried lot but IS+ is the best! Finally our clients can find what they need within seconds. Highly recommended for all who want their products to be found fast, easy and reliable.”

  • Matt Stephenson
    Director & Co-owner

    Nationwide trailer parts

    “Instant Search + is by the far the best search app for Shopify. It was easy to install and configure and support when needed was extremely quick and helpful. Customers can now find the product they are looking for on our website far quicker and easier than ever before resulting in a higher conversion rate for our site and an increase in the average order size too, all thanks to Instant Search+. “


    “Excellent App and Great, Responsive Customer Service/Sales Reps!

    Regardless of the size of your store you should check this out!”