Drive Success with Fast Simon API & SDK

Fast Simon provides developers with both Direct REST JSON API and Vue.js, React.js ready JavaScript SDK to integrate the full power of our platform to any eCommerce front end. This includes AI Search, Smart Collections, AI Merchandising, Personalization, Upsell & Cross-Sell Product Recommendations as well as AI Visual Discovery. 

For mobile developers we recommend the REST JSON API while for web developers we recommend the JavaScript SDK that makes data integration in literally less than 10 lines of code.

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Mobile device showing e-commerce website with Fast Simon's search results

Best of Both Worlds: Front End Freedom for Developers & Full Control for Merchants

The Fast Simon platform provides merchants a self-managed dashboard to create merchandising campaigns, manage Visual Discovery and gain actionable Impact Analytics.

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Frictionless Integration with Headless Commerce

Fast Simon provides the complete platform for mobile, custom front end, and headless implementations with a combination of API, SDK, and Dashboard:

  • Developers are free to quickly create best in class components using the SDK


  • Merchants retain complete control on the key retailing functions through our dashboard without any programming including: merchandising, search, collections, personalization, cross sell and visual discovery
fast simon sdk

Merchant’s Benefits

  • Lightning fast, highly relevant, self-learning search 
    Engage users with fast and rich autocomplete from the first character typed
  • Love to code?
    Get front-end control over your site search results page and autocomplete drop down
  • Built for mobile
    Get a great search experience regardless of what device your customers are using. InstantSearch+ gives your mobile site and app users a fast, friendly mobile search
  • Smart Collection, Upsell & Cross-Sell Recommendation, Visual Merchandising, AI based Synonyms suggestions and more, all is included
 Steve Madden's search results page on Mobile built by Fast Simon

Fast Simon Powers Millions of Searches a Day for 1B+ Shoppers

Thousands of online merchants and agencies trust Fast Simon+ for consistently relevant personalized results, maximum flexibility and unrivaled time-to-market

The advanced analytics and devoted customer service are pretty great, too

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