Fast Simon’s Versatile Merchandising Capacity, Advanced Site Search & Tailored Filter Options Boost eCommerce Potential




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handling filters for a large catalog, combining automated and manual merchandising rules, finding an effective site search


capacity for applying multiple filters, an optimized site search, flexibility and versatility within merchandising rules


Ally Fashion is a proudly Australian-owned fashion retailer offering the latest women’s clothing, accessories and more. With the first store opening in 2001 in Sydney, Ally Fashion has developed a strong eCommerce presence and become a well-known Australian fashion staple with more than 150 stores across Australia.

“From a technical and integration perspective, Fast Simon’s able to provide the POC in a very timely and responsive manner.”

Tiffany Zhao |eCommerce Specialist


Using a search that is comprehensive and precise
Merchandising rules that can be automated and manual
Filters that can be applied to a vast catalog
A system that integrates well with Tapcart


Collections Merchandising

Flexible merchandising allows the rules within collections to be automated and manually at once. Based on certain collections, Ally Fashion can include manually applied rules that stand alone from the other AI automated rules that are applied for optimization.

Advanced Filters

Filters are incredibly important to improving the eCommerce experience. Other systems have limitations for filtering over 100 products, but with Fast Simon’s filters, products can be filtered and then located in a precise way, no matter the size of the catalog.

Integration With Tapcart

Since Ally Fashion uses Tapcart to power their mobile app, the integration between Fast Simon and Tapcart made sense to deploy. Being able to use the AI eCommerce optimization within the app boosts experience for shoppers.

Detailed Analytics

Fast Simon’s analytics creates understanding of why products are doing as they are. Explanations are provided as to why certain products are in certain positions. With so many rules running at once, having this clear overview makes it clear what systems are in place, and how they are going.


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Fast Simon provides help in terms of search, merchandising, pinning products and filters.

Tiffany Zhao | eCommerce Specialist

From a technical perspective, Fast Simon has helped Ally Fashion achieve the eCommerce needs, and find solutions to the challenges. The advanced site search with filtering options creates a smooth UX, and the collections merchandising combined with analytics means that the merchant has control over the way things are sold. Overall users are offered an optimal online experience.

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