Fast Simon’s Improved AI Search & Discovery Capabilities Offer A Superior Site Search For Speed & Accuracy


Western Wear


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intuitive search within a large product catalog, offering a personalized user experience, a human-centric site search


new search and discovery capabilities, smart rendering, advanced site search, personalized recommendations, vector search


Increase In Conversions
Increase In AOV
Increase In Revenue Through Search


NRS World started as a small family business in Texas, which has grown to four retail locations and a booming eCommerce business. They provide western wear and horse tack, a popular destination for all those involved in the western industry. Offering tack, saddles, ropes, animal health and farm and ranch equipment, to the latest in western apparel, boots and hats, the store has everything you could need with a cowboy spin.

Fast Simon’s platform provides our customers with a streamlined and efficient shopping experience which is highly important to our business.

David Isham
David Isham |CEO


Sourcing products within a large catalog
Offering personalized recommendations
A search that focuses on the shoppers’ needs


With Fast Simon's advanced AI search and discovery technology, we’re already seeing customers enjoy a more tailored and personalized journey.

David Isham
David Isham |CEO

AI Search and Discovery

The new search and discovery capabilities create a seamless and intuitive browsing experience. It increases the speed and accuracy of results being sourced. Users can easily locate products and information across NRS’ extensive online catalog.

Vector Search

Fast Simon’s Vector Search offers a multi-modal approach to sourcing queries. This AI based search uses keywords, images and contextual understanding to offer relevant results in a human-centric way. No matter the input used, mistakes in text or other variables, accurate results will always be sourced.


Offering personalization within site search means that each user receives a uniquely tailored search experience. Personalized recommendations help create natural buyer inspiration, boosting AOV and conversions across the board.

NRS Browser


Excellent support. Fast turnaround on requests. Easy to use No-Code Editor, Fast Simon is a complete Search & Discovery and Product Merchandising solution. Very little manual merchandising needed upon installation of Fast Simon- even for a store with a catalog of 30,000+ SKU’s.

David Isham | CEO

Since implementing Fast Simon’s strategy, NRS World has experienced a notable increase in revenue from online sales. Since shoppers have been able to locate the products they are searching for in the way that suits them, they are more likely to make purchases. With advanced AI based search and discovery, NRS World offers a shopper-centric experience that benefits both the merchant and the customer.

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