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The Power of Partnerships: Fast Simon Grows its Ecosystem

post on April 7, 2021Hadas PeretzTechnology

Just over a year ago, the world witnessed as our societal and cultural norms became challenged under the duress of [...]

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AI and Retail: A Look at the Decade Ahead

post on February 28, 2021Hadas PeretzTechnology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is significantly impacting businesses as well as our daily lives, and as AI-based innovation continues to develop, [...]

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Want to make customers fall in love with your brand this Valentine’s Day?

post on February 14, 2021Hadas PeretzTechnology

According to the National Retail Foundation, nearly three-quarters (73%) of consumers celebrating Valentine’s Day this year feel it is important [...]

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eCommerce A/B Testing: Take the Guesswork Out of Your eCommerce Store Optimization

Part 3: Personalization

post on February 15, 2021Hadas PeretzTechnology

As an e-retailer, you get a lot of insight on every customer’s taste and shopping behaviors. Every click, previous action, [...]

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eCommerce A/B Testing: Take the Guesswork Out of Your eCommerce Store Optimization

Part 2: Merchandising Strategies

post on January 31, 2021Hadas PeretzTechnology

So many factors come into play when operating an e-commerce store. What do your customers like? What will they respond [...]

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eCommerce A/B Testing: Take the Guesswork Out of Your eCommerce Store Optimization

Part 1: The Search Bar

post on January 18, 2021Hadas PeretzTechnology

If you run an eCommerce store, you probably fall in one of two categories. Either you see traffic and checkouts, [...]

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Site Search: The Ultimate Guide to Internal Search Engines

post on December 29, 2020Hadas PeretzTechnology

The search function is, without a doubt, among the most vital of any given website. No matter how intuitive and [...]

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How And Why To Use E-Commerce Upsell And Cross-Sell Recommendations?

post on December 3, 2020Hadas PeretzTechnology

Upsell and cross-sell are two similar but different e-commerce techniques your company can use to increase revenue. When you make [...]

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Powerful And Effective Ways E-commerce Personalization Helps Your Business

post on November 17, 2020Hadas PeretzTechnology

The traditional retail shopping experience involves smiling store employees greeting customers and offering assistance or product recommendations based on the [...]

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[Interview] Zohar Gilad Tells Us How the Platform is Using Cutting Edge Technology to Make Their Merchants Succeed

post on October 14, 2020Hadas PeretzTechnology

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Zohar Gilad, was interviewed for, on how InstantSearch+ is using cutting edge technology to make [...]

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5 Things You Can Do Now to Boost Online Sales this Black Friday/Cyber Monday

post on October 12, 2020Hadas PeretzTechnology

Though 2020 spelled doom for many industries, e-commerce sales have mostly either remained stable or even exceeded forecasts. This trend [...]

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How to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence into Your Online Store

post on September 30, 2020Hadas PeretzTechnology

Artificial intelligence, usually shortened to simply ‘AI,’ is a branch of computer science that renders machines capable of doing tasks [...]

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How to Create Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

post on August 11, 2020Hadas PeretzTechnology

The online shopping sector is an ever-growing, always evolving landscape. New ecommerce sites can – and do! – crop up [...]

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InstantSearch+ Is Now a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner

post on May 6, 2020Hadas PeretzTechnology

InstantSearch+ is proud to announce that it has been accepted to The Shopify Plus Certified App Program.  Acceptance into this [...]

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The Future of eCommerce

post on May 25, 2019Hadas PeretzTechnology

We Asked 10 experts, 3 questions regarding what lies ahead for ecommerce. 1 – What lies ahead for eCommerce? 2 [...]

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Dramatically Improve Your Customers Experience While Significantly Boosting Conversion Rate

post on November 8, 2018Hadas PeretzTechnology

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Zohar Gilad, was interviewed for eCommerce Fast Lane, on how search can dramatically improve the customer [...]

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We Analyzed the Onsite Search Functions of 15 Top eCommerce Sites in the World and the Results Were Unexpected

post on October 14, 2018Hadas PeretzTechnology

When you really analyze it there isn’t anything more important than people being able to find what they want on [...]

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7 Critical Online Visual Merchandising Strategies to Drive Your Sales Now

post on August 15, 2018Hadas PeretzTechnology

Today’s online visual merchandiser must be able to incorporate art, science and data to remain competitive in the ever changing [...]

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Reading your customers mind

74% Of Consumers Say They Will Switch Brands If The Purchase Is Too Difficult, Here’s How To Make Yours Easy

post on June 27, 2018Hadas PeretzTechnology

You have far too much invested in both time and money to allow your customers to just walk away from [...]

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72% of Sites Fail Ecommerce Site Search Expectations: 3 Steps + a Checklist to Ensure Yours Isn’t One of Them

post on February 27, 2018Zohar GiladTechnology

A brief quote from an article posted on BigCommerce blog:“It’s official: mobile ecommerce on-site search experiences are abysmal. You probably [...]

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understanding shopper intent

Understanding Shoppers’ Intent to Maximize eCommerce Conversion

post on January 25, 2018Hadas PeretzTechnology

Optimizing online conversion is tricky. Sure, measuring conversion rate is straightforward enough: Typically, the number of visitors who completed the [...]

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Predictive Analytics as a Crucial Part of eCommerce

post on September 19, 2020Hadas PeretzTechnology

Seeing daily recommendations for products on your favorite social media platforms has become the norm. But have you ever wondered [...]

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Why Customers Are Leaving Your eCommerce Store and How to Make Them Stay

post on November 9, 2017Hadas PeretzTechnology

A customer visits your eCommerce store. They go through your inventory and puts 3 items in the shopping cart. Then [...]

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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Site Search Box in Three Easy Steps

post on March 2, 2017Hadas PeretzTechnology

How often do you find yourself lost in a website, unable to find what you’re looking for? Unfortunately, this happens [...]

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When the Magento Community Works, it Works

post on September 1, 2016Hadas PeretzTechnology

A brief quote from the blog by Phillip Jackson: “When the Magento Community Works, it Works” “…I love their product [...]

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TOFU and BOFU quick fixes to boost your conversion rate

post on July 11, 2016Hadas PeretzTechnology

As an eCommerce merchant, we know how much effort you put in to drive traffic to your online stores. It [...]

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Why Every Store Needs Search: A Q&A with the Founder of InstantSearch+

post on June 9, 2016Hadas PeretzTechnology

A brief quote from the interview made by Pixel Union: “Here are some must-have advice for ecommerce merchants: Number one, I [...]

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Merry Chrismess and Happy New Year from InstantSearch+

post on December 18, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

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Automatically Generated Search Filters for Shopify Stores

post on September 16, 2014Ed MelloneTechnology

Every eCommerce store visitor is conditioned to use search filters. Amazon and other notable online store have them, as they [...]

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What Firefox on iPhone Means For Shoppers

post on September 17, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

Few things have generated as hot a debate in our home as our very different choices in technology. While my [...]

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Tips on Tuesdays: 5 Hot Uses For Turbolinks

post on September 1, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

The days of walking into a store, only to be greeted by a smiling sales rep are waning as shoppers [...]

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Tips on Tuesdays: Synonyms and Spelling

post on August 25, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

In preparation for my wedding last year, I found myself doing much of our shopping online as it was easy [...]

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Merchandising with Search for Shopify Stores

post on May 11, 2019Ed MelloneTechnology

Merchandising [mur-chuh n-dahy-zing] is the planning and promotion of sales by presenting a product to the right market at the proper [...]

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The Panama Canal and eCommerce Shipping

post on January 5, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

Last week, while on vacation in Panama, I was awed watching a huge ship move through the Miraflores locks from [...]

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3 Top Mobile eCommerce Trends to Follow in 2015

post on January 13, 2015Ed MelloneTechnology

A lot has been written about how mobile Internet is eating the world. We are all addicted to our devices [...]

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Hosted Search Service, or Search Product: That is The Question!

post on October 16, 2014Ed MelloneTechnology

Merchants who host their eCommerce sites, especially on open platforms such as Magento search extension, WordPress/WooCommerce, and Prestashop,  have a [...]

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7 Tips to Power-Up Your Site Search

post on May 15, 2014Ed MelloneTechnology

Ever wondered why the first result you get when you type “Harry Potter” on Amazon is an Amazon instant video?Or [...]

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