How to Choose Which Products to Upsell in Your eCommerce Store

Looking to increase sales and revenue for your eCommerce store? Discover the top factors to consider when choosing which products to upsell.

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Updated July 17, 2023.

Upselling products effectively can boost revenues.

Choosing which products to upsell in your eCommerce store is crucial to boosting revenue and average order value. Because 11-30% of your revenue can come from upselling, we've compiled the top factors you should consider when choosing which products to upsell.

Upselling encourages your customers to buy extra products or a higher-priced version of the same product they initially intended to buy.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Which Products to Upsell

1. Pick Products You Can Upgrade

Offering upgraded or customized versions of products provides added value to your customers and increases the overall sale for your business. The products should also be relevant to the site search queries or the customers' previous purchases.

For example, on the 401 Games site, when searching for Pokémon products, two similar bundles come up. One offers an extra pack, making the bundle cost more. The use of bundling and added value can help entice customers to purchase the more expensive bundle.

401 Games offers two bundles of varying prices, one with extra value.

Tip: When bundling, you can use A/B testing to see which bundles get the most traffic and result in more sales and profits. This technique can also be used for price testing.

2. Consider the Price Range

Choosing a more expensive product can help increase your profit, but make sure that the price difference is still reasonable and that your customers feel they "won" by purchasing your product. By experimenting with different price points, you can find the sweet spot that leads to more conversions.

For instance, Steve Madden uses smart collections to highlight differently priced products that are still related. This paints a fuller image of what the customer could attain and wear together. Since the prices are close in range, it can imply more value that fits the customer's budget.

Steve Madden offers collection items that are within a certain price range to encourage higher AOV.

3. Personalize Your Product Recommendations

By analyzing data about what your customers have purchased in the past and their browsing preferences, you can offer complementary products or updated versions of previously purchased items. Personalization can lead to more revenue since customers may be more likely to purchase because they feel understood and valued.

Take IMA, for example. They offer a "personalized just for you" section while browsing that lightly suggests custom bundling the customer can try, which can lead to higher revenue per order.

IMA offers related product recommendations based on customer interests.

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Fast Upselling Solutions

Customers are more likely to accept upsell recommendations if the products are logically chosen. Using the right strategies based on your product types, prices, and customer preferences can be beneficial. You can gain higher conversions and revenue, optimized customer experiences, and better inventory management. So, why not take a look at your product options and find which strategies work for you?

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