Fast Simon's Speedy Categorization, Integration and Search Fits Princess Polly's Needs




Shopify Plus


Difficulty integrating with other applications, staying up to date with a rapidly growing and changing product list


Fast Simon’s smooth and speedy integration, quick categorization with Fast Simon’s Search on site and with Tapcart


In 2010, Princess Polly launched into the online retail scene from a beachside apartment on Australia’s Gold Coast. Now with headquarters in the US & Australia, Princess Polly is known worldwide for its on-trend styles and emphasis on accessible, sustainable fashion.

Thanks to its social media-driven approach, viral influencer content, and award-winning customer service, the conscious shopper looking for the latest trends knows Princess Polly is the go-to destination.The brand has taken over the online fashion scene and shows no signs of slowing down.

Fast Simon is one of the top search and merchandising tools in the space. It was important for Princess Polly to have search, filtering and merchandising all in one solution so we can optimize as much as possible.

Lindsay Goldman |Director of Ecommerce


Too much time syncing new products on the collections pages
Handling a large and changing product inventory
Hard to find a cohesive system that works smoothly and efficiently
Previous solution did not integrate with mobile app (Tapcart)


Fast Simon has been a pleasure to work with. We really value our partnerships at Princess Polly and Fast Simon is no exception - they’ve been a great help as we scope our further migrations onto their platform and have offered some product builds for us to make sure our transition is smooth.

Lindsay Goldman |Director of Ecommerce

Advanced Categorizing Through Search

In the rapidly moving world of latest trend fashion, new products are constantly coming in and out of the market. Being able to update and categorize these products with Fast Simon’s synonym feature is a great solution, as it is able to locate product features rather than tagging each product individually with multiple synonyms.

Fast Simon x Tapcart Integration

The Fast Simon and Tapcart integration provided a great solution to difficulties with keeping a high quality of search when using a mobile app. Having a fast functioning mobile app is very important, and the Fast Simon x Tapcart integration could ensure this for Princess Polly.

Anticipated Migration to Fast Simon for Search, Collections & Merchandising

After having a positive experience working with the Fast Simon after their migration to the FS search solution (which is used both on site and with the Tapcart mobile app), Princess Polly will be migrating to Fast Simon for more robust collections and merchandising. Having worked with the Fast Simon team to make sure all of Princess Polly’s ecommerce needs will be met, having everything in one place will lead to a more cohesive experience, reducing site speed and creating higher conversions.

Princess Polly Collection


Fast Simon’s merchandising is much more robust than the current tool we’re using. There’s a lot more we can do that we don’t have the capabilities for right now.

Lindsay Goldman | Director of Ecommerce
Princess Polly Collection

Having worked closely with Fast Simon, creating a valued partnership and positive results, Princess Polly is ready to migrate further to Fast Simon’s AI solution. Fast Simon’s potentials are more robust than others around, offering a cohesive system of high functioning eCommerce capacities. With the Princess Polly move to the new No-Code Editor also on the horizon, Fast Simon is offering a range of unmissable benefits at a fast speed and with a helpful and friendly team always on hand.

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