How can I use email and SMS remarketing to promote new products in eCommerce?

Asked a year ago

Hello, I want to promote some new products and collections on my eCommerce website, and specifically want to use email and SMS remarketing to reach out to my customers. Can you give me some insights on how to create effective email and SMS remarketing campaigns? Are there tools that may help? Thanks!

Terrence Holt

Friday, April 28, 2023

Combining email and SMS remarketing campaigns is one fast way to promote new products and drive sales.

Simply start by segmenting your customer base and targeting those interested in similar products. Use engaging subject lines, clear and concise messaging, and personalized content. You will also need to employ email marketing tools to automate and track your campaigns while gaining insights to optimize future campaigns. And that's how you combine the best of both worlds to earn more loyal customers, boost sales, and yield a higher conversion rate.

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