What are some effective email subject lines for eCommerce remarketing campaigns?

Asked a year ago

Hi everyone, what kind of subject lines will catch customers' attention and entice them to open the email? Are there any email subject line formulas or techniques that have proven effective in boosting open rates and click-through rates? I'll appreciate any advice given!

Phillip Rocha

Friday, April 28, 2023

You need to craft your email subject lines using urgency, personalization, curiosity, and social proof. Moreover, using action-oriented language, emojis, and personalized recommendations can also help increase open and click-through rates.

  • Here are a few effective subject lines that you can use for your email remarketing campaigns:
  • "Don't Miss Out on 50% Off"
  • "$100 Discount: Limited Time Offer!"
  • "We Miss You, [Name]!
  • Come Back and Save 20% Today"

Test with different subject lines and analyze metrics to determine which techniques work best for a particular audience.

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