Can federated search be integrated with on-site search to provide better results?

Asked a year ago

Hi there! Currently, I have on-site search functionality on my store, but I'm looking for ways to improve the accuracy and relevancy of my search results. I've heard about something called "federated search" and I'm curious to know if it can be integrated with my current on-site search to provide better results for my customers. Can you please explain what federated search is and how it can be used in conjunction with on-site search?

Abeeha Qasmi

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Federated search enhances site search functionality by accessing multiple information sources and providing improved search results. With the ability to search multiple databases simultaneously, federated search aggregates result into a unified page for user convenience.

Federated search can complement on-site search in various ways, including augmenting results with external sources or supplementing on-site search results. You can also use federated search to supplement on-site search results.

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