Can I use alphanumeric SKUs for my ecommerce store?

Asked a year ago

When adding new products to my ecommerce store, can I use alphanumeric SKUs or are there any limitations on the characters I can include? What are some of the best practices y'all are following?

Bernie Compton

Monday, June 19, 2023

Using alphanumeric SKUs in an ecommerce store is a common practice and offers several advantages. It allows for more unique identifiers, accommodating a broader range of products. You can also use dashes and underscores to generate SKU codes.

However, it is crucial to understand the limitations associated with character usage. Some ecommerce platforms or inventory management systems may have specific requirements, such as disallowing certain characters or limiting SKU length.

Best practices include maintaining consistency and avoiding special characters such as &, #, $, etc., that may cause technical issues. Abiding by these rules sustains the SKU's uniqueness for effective inventory management and tracking.

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