How can I improve internal search for a better customer experience on my e-commerce store?

Asked a year ago

Hello. I'm interested in improving the internal search functionality on my site. I understand that having a strong and effective internal search can greatly impact the overall customer experience. So, I'm looking for ways to optimize search results, make the search process more user-friendly, and overall provide a better search experience for my customers. Can anyone provide me with some tips on that?

Abeeha Qasmi

Thursday, February 16, 2023

You can drastically improve the internal search functionality by integrating Fast Simon into your store.

Fast Simon is the only shopping optimization app you need to upgrade your search functionality, create a user-friendly search process, and accelerate conversions.

Its AI model supercharges the merchandising AI with rules based on sales velocity, inventory levels, and product attributes. With Fast Simon, you also access features like visual search, use AI to predict the customer's behavior, and infuse collection and search personalization into your store.

Simplify, supercharge, and streamline your site search with Fast Simon today.

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