How can I improve search results for synonyms and related terms?

Asked a year ago

Hello, when my customers search for products on my website using different terms, they're not getting the desired results. It's affecting the user experience and potentially leading to lost sales. I'm looking for a solution that can help me optimize the search functionality on my website to include synonyms and related terms so my customers can find what they want more easily, even if they don't use the exact terminology. Is there anyone that can offer some help on this matter?

Abeeha Qasmi

Thursday, February 16, 2023

You can integrate Fast Simon within your store to enhance the site search functionality. Fast Simon uses an AI-powered algorithm that closely monitors customer behavior, search trends, and patterns to predict and present highly relevant results.

With the Searchandising (Search Merchandising) feature, Fast Simon optimizes the search results for quick and easy sales. The integration of auto search, smart filters and tagging, and visual search features work together to enhance your sales and provide a seamless user experience for your online store.

"Fast" upgrade the search process and user experience for your customers today!

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