How can I improve the search accuracy on my website?

Asked a year ago

Hello everyone. I own an e-commerce store and I'm concerned about the accuracy of my website's search function. Currently, customers are struggling to find the products they're looking for when they use the search bar. My question is: how do I improve the search accuracy on my store's website? Thank you.

Abeeha Qasmi

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Improving the search accuracy on your website can be achieved through a combination of tactics. This may include implementing autocomplete suggestions, spell check, and synonym matching. You can also provide users with visual cues, such as product images, to help them identify the correct item.

However, all of these techniques revolve around experimentation, consuming time, effort, and energy. To skip the legwork, you can choose a quick solution like Fast Simon - the "Fast" way to unlock "Fast opportunities." With the Searchandising (Search Merchandising) feature, Fast Simon optimizes your site's search results for quick and easy sales.

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