What are some commonly tested elements for an ecommerce store?

Asked a year ago

I'd like to do some AB testing on my ecommerce store. What are some of the more common elements I should be focusing on?

Humberto Little

Monday, June 19, 2023

When conducting AB testing on an ecommerce store, it is paramount to focus on key elements that significantly impact customer behavior and conversion rates. Some commonly tested elements include:

  1. Website layout,
  2. Pricing strategies,
  3. Payment options,
  4. Shipping methods,
  5. Search functionality,
  6. Checkout flow optimization,
  7. Product descriptions and images,
  8. Placement and visibility of add-to-cart buttons
  9. Trust indicators (security badges and customer testimonials), and
  10. Promotional offers.

Prioritizing these elements in your AB testing strategy can provide valuable insights to drive meaningful improvements in user engagement, optimize user experience, and increase conversion rates.

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