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Dragan Stevanovic

Content Editor

Content marketing

Dragan works as a content editor, previously having worked in various positions within the content marketing field. His skills include content and SEO writing, content editing, brief creation, white-hat link building, and content management.

About Fast Simon’s Editorial Process

At Fast Simon, we continually strive to bring you the latest e-commerce insights to help e-tailers optimize various aspects of the customer’s online shopping experience. The editorial team comprises content researchers, expert e-commerce writers, experienced editors, and knowledgeable fact-checkers. We do in-depth research and planning before allocating topics to the most suitable writer. Writers use their first-hand experience, training, and reliable sources to craft their content. Once written, editors proofread and review the posts, and fact-checkers verify all content. Check out our editorial process for further information on how we deliver newsworthy and trustworthy insights.

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