Oli Kashti - Writer and Fact-Checker for Fast Simon

Oli Kashti


eCommerce, Marketing, Sales


Scots MA English Literature & Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh, MA Public Policy from Tel Aviv University


Oli holds two degrees from prestigious universities that have led to a diverse set of professional opportunities. Now an experienced content specialist, Oli creates a variety of content, including blog posts, UX writing, social media posts, customer stories, and marketing emails covering various aspects of eCommerce.

About Fast Simon’s Editorial Process

At Fast Simon, we continually strive to bring you the latest e-commerce insights to help e-tailers optimize various aspects of the customer’s online shopping experience. The editorial team comprises content researchers, expert e-commerce writers, experienced editors, and knowledgeable fact-checkers. We do in-depth research and planning before allocating topics to the most suitable writer. Writers use their first-hand experience, training, and reliable sources to craft their content. Once written, editors proofread and review the posts, and fact-checkers verify all content. Check out our editorial process for further information on how we deliver newsworthy and trustworthy insights.

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