Stand Out With Your Ecommerce Personalization

Personalization is a must-have for any eCommerce store that wants to stand out and succeed. Using customer names, and offering personalized recommendations is a great way to start. It lets shoppers know that you care and will boost conversions. However, in an overcrowded market where anything that can help you stand out from the crowd can make all the difference- why not give it a try? Here are some examples of different personalization techniques you could use.

On-Page Popups

Pop-ups are a great way of attracting attention. If they are engaging, brightly colored and offer a good deal, they are impossible to ignore and can produce great results. If people aren’t interested, they can also simply just close the pop-up. 

These pop-ups can be the starting point for a personalized experience. Depending on the shopper status and history with the past, you can offer pop-ups specific to user experience. For example, your popup could say:

“Since you have made X number of purchases from our store, we are offering a X% discount”

This shows your customer that they are valued, and entices them to make a purchase.

Dynamic Content Display

Offering dynamic content shows that you are up to date with the latest technology, and is interesting and engaging. Dynamic content can be used to personalize a shopping experience, as it can offer time limits based on viewers’ local time zone.

Having dynamic displays of pricing, or of content, caters to individual needs with discounts based on locations or other factors. Personalization combined with this engaging technology can make your site stand out.

Interactive Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way of incorporating personalization onto your website, whilst at the same time can be useful in gathering customer data. Both of these are important in order to stand out and push your eCommerce experience forward.

This can also be combined with Augmented Reality, and general personal picks that can guide shoppers on their way. Doing a personalized quiz will also make the shopper feel more connected to your brand, and encourage them to make the sale.

Personalization In Search

We all know how important site search is on any eCommerce store, but adding personalization into site search can make a big difference. One way this can be achieved is through saving filters that have been previously used. This just adds an extra layer of connection to the brand. Personalized recommendations can also be offered based on previous purchases, and known factors about the shopper.

Personalized Email Content

Email and SMS marketing is a great way of outreach. If these emails are personalized, it definitely increases the chance of engagement and click-through rates. The more fun and engaging these emails are, the more chance you have of them performing well.

Post-purchase emails, for example, can come with a fun video or animation to attract attention. This can be based on either previous data related to the shopper, or to the purchase made. Sending special content that is only for those who have made the purchase creates a sense of brand loyalty and connection.

Personalized Recommendations

Cross-sell and Upsell recommendations are a staple in eCommerce. Using AI to power these recommendations in a personalized manner means that the results will be optimized. These recommendations can be based on data factors such as previously viewed items, previous purchases, geographical locations, and general trending topics.

If the recommendations are personalized, it increases the possibility of success. These kinds of recommendations are good for the shopper, as it helps source items that they actually want to see. It also helps the merchant by increasing conversions.


Taking personalization one step further, and thinking outside of the box can make all the difference. In order to stand out, your personalization should be inventive, creative and use the latest technology. Personalization can also have added benefits to the merchant, as well as just the user. There’s no reason not to take the next step and go all out!