Filters & Advanced Site Search Lead To Increased User Satisfaction & Conversion Rate




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advanced filters within mobile app, optimized site search for comprehensive search, system that integrates well with Tapcart


multiple filters options, natural language processing within advanced site search, comprehensive and seamless integration with Tapcart


Augustine by Kelly Coe is New Zealand’s favorite women’s clothing label for special occasions and luxury daywear pieces. Having been established 15 years ago, it is now supplied in gorgeous boutiques around New Zealand, as well as hosting four flagship stores in Newmarket, Wellington, Mt Maunganui and Christchurch. On top of this, it has a thriving eCommerce store which supplies items globally.

Fast Simon creates the potential to give our customers a better experience when searching within our mobile app.

Kate Horrocks |eCommerce Specialist


A successful integration for mobile app
An advanced and optimized site search
Filters based on product tags


Tapcart Integration

Fast Simon’s integration with Tapcart combines high quality eCommerce mobile app with advanced AI optimization. It creates the opportunity for boosted conversions and customer experience within eCommerce apps, fostering brand loyalty and trust.

Advanced Product Filters

The filter powered by Fast Simon within the app allows for a more precise and effective search capacity. This filter is sorted through product tags, which were already applied to the Augustine catalog. This created a seamless method of filtering, enabling customer ease and boosted search results.

Optimized Site Search

Our search powered with AI eCommerce optimization works well for optimized results. The natural language processing capacities allows shoppers to search in a way that is easiest for them, boosting user satisfaction.

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Our customers find the accessibility of Fast Simon’s search and filters easy and user friendly, which has helped increase our conversions.

Kate Horrocks | eCommerce Specialist

Augustine’s customers have benefited from Fast Simon’s filtering and site search capabilities. The natural language processing and advanced filters allow shoppers to search on their own terms. It has provided the opportunity for user friendly accessibility, resulting in increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

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