Using AI Personalization To Keep Up With Fashion Trends

Fashion trends move so fast, it can be hard to keep up with them all. Trying to stay on top of what is ‘in’ can become a full time venture for consumers. Equally, merchants may struggle to offer the relevant trending products, and offer these to shoppers whilst layering in personalization. This is where AI can come in as useful to keeping up with fashion trends.

Could AI Help?

Many consumers believe that if AI could offer them personalized clothing recommendations, they would benefit. Since we can train AI to offer tailored recommendations based on past purchases, what if this AI was combined with up-to-date knowledge of current fashion trends

If this were possible, AI could help grow people’s taste in fashion. The trained AI could refresh new wardrobes, as well as suggesting new clothing that is currently trending and would suit the shopper.

Can AI Be Trusted?

Since shoppers already can see the power of AI when it comes to recommendations, shoppers could also trust AI in terms of picking out new clothes. Many shoppers might feel more comfortable having AI pick out outfits rather than friends, or family.

Since AI could be trained on body types, current trending fashion items and your previously liked or bought items- it’s no wonder that people imagine great things could come from this.

Particularly Gen Z and millennials who have more faith in the capabilities of AI feel that they would happily trust AI to pick out items for them. For example, with scenarios such as:

  • Outfits for traveling
  • Formal outfits
  • Work clothes
  • Sportswear outfits
  • Loungewear

These could all be put together based on current activity on the internet, as well as the store. As long as the AI works effectively, this could mean great things for shoppers and merchants.

What Does This Mean For Merchants?

If you are a merchant of an eCommerce fashion store, this is something to listen to. Whether this means incorporating a fashion AI assistant, or combining recommendations with trending topics: take note!

If this is a niche that shoppers are willing to move into, it’s a good idea to make the most of it! When it comes to fashion AI assistants, this works in many ways like a store assistant offering recommendations. Product recommendations offered as cross-sell or upsell modules, or on product or checkout pages can also offer a similar function. 

As long as the AI is on top of the current fashion trends, this is a great solution for boosting sales as well as customer satisfaction. Removing the customers’ need to worry about what is ‘in’ or not, by simply giving them recommendations based on what is trending, can be a great help.

Using AI To Stay On Top Of Trends

If done well, this can have a hugely positive impact on your eCommerce business. Combining AI with previous searches as well as trending items means that you can offer your shoppers the best of both worlds. They have free fashion advice, and you have more sales going through.

Taking personalization in this way to the next level means more loyal customers. Already, an eCommerce offering without personalization capacity is unsustainable for success. Shoppers expect personalization, and want the newest offerings in this way as well.


It seems that shoppers are becoming increasingly trusting of what AI has to offer them. If your eCommerce business is investing in AI growth, this is definitely a place to consider. If we already consider the benefits of Augmented Reality, which could also be included in this way, there are so many potentials to move towards. Don’t get left behind- how can AI help you take your eCommerce experience to the next level?