How High-Quality Product Images Boost eCommerce Conversions

If a picture is worth a thousand words, make sure each of your product images is the best quality possible.

Jameela Ghann - Writer for Fast Simon
By Jameela Ghann
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Updated November 14, 2023.

In the competitive world of eCommerce, customers buy with their eyes. At least 50% of online shoppers use product images to help them make their buying decision. Find out how high-quality product images enhance merchandising efforts and ultimately boost eCommerce conversions.

Meet the Expert:

Jameela Ghann is an eCommerce and marketing expert with over 10 years of experience. Apart from running her own successful online store, Alora Boutique, she's also the marketing manager at Fera Product Reviews.

3 Ways High-Quality Product Images Can Improve Conversions

Circular diagram listing the 3 ways high-quality product images can improve conversions

1. Build a Trustworthy Brand

When browsing your website, seeing visually appealing product images can help assure customers they're dealing with a professional and reputable seller. Investing in professional product photography signals to customers you care about your products and their presentation, increasing their confidence in your brand.

Moreover, detailed and crisp images give customers a clear view of the product. They can assess the color, texture, and finer details—this is especially crucial for products like clothing. This level of information helps experienced shoppers make informed decisions, making a conversion more likely.

For example, Princess Polly, a trendy online fashion retailer, provides several product images that showcase the dress from different angles. This also includes a closeup of the fabric.

Woman in a black dress posing for a picture as an example of a high-quality product image

2. Enhance Product Understanding

Online shoppers don't have the luxury of interacting with products physically. So, your visual merchandising should serve as a window to help your customers understand what they're buying. For instance, if you sell electronics, display the product in real-life settings, like someone using it or having it on a desk. This helps customers grasp its size and scale, reducing uncertainty and hesitation in their purchase decision.

For example, Targus, a computing and accessories retailer, includes multiple product images, showcasing the product's features and usability.

Example of a high-quality product image from Targus

Example of a high-quality product image from Targus

Example of a high-quality product image from Targus

Example of a high-quality product image from Targus

3. Reduce Returns and Complaints

Honesty is key in eCommerce, and product images play a pivotal role in setting the right expectations for customers. When your images accurately represent the product, customers are less likely to be disappointed when they receive it, leading to a decrease in return rates and complaints. By showcasing all relevant aspects, such as seams, hinges, and any product imperfections, you build trust and foster positive customer experiences.

  • Add the right file names Make sure each image file name corresponds to the product name or a descriptive identifier. This helps search engines understand your images better and improves SEO.
  • Don't forget alt text Add alt text to your images so you can improve search rankings but also aid visually impaired users who rely on screen readers.
  • Use consistent image dimensions Whether you choose square, landscape, or vertical images, keeping them uniform improves your merchandising and enhances the user experience, especially during image-rich browsing.
  • Compress images to improve your website's loading speed Use image compression tools or apps to reduce file sizes without sacrificing image quality. This ensures that your images load quickly and users don't bounce after 3 seconds.

Capturing Conversions with Crystal-Clear Images

High-quality product images are not only eye-catching but also invaluable assets that can significantly impact your eCommerce success. By following our expert tips, you can also build trust with customers, improve understanding, and reduce returns.

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