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Satya Jewelry Uses Specifically Customized Filters, Merchandising & Search Capacities From Fast Simon To Offer Customers A Unique & Memorable Ecommerce Experience




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customized filtering options, ecommerce experience that meets brand image, specific merchandising preferences, personal customization to fit business needs


closely working with Fast Simon to meet customization needs, alterable filtering options, clear & intuitive merchandising rules and strategies


Satya Jewelry was created 20 years ago by Satya Scainetti with the intention of offering meaningful jewelry crafted with spiritual symbols and healing gemstones. The customer is drawn to the pieces that will manifest what she or he is seeking, creating a shopping experience that results in a purchase with deep personal meaning. Satya Jewelry started in NYC, and is composed of international wholesale and eCommerce businesses.


Advanced filtering that matches brand image
Optimized search functionality
Intuitive & optimized merchandising rules


Fast Simon went above and beyond to create a shopping experience that reflects our brand, from advanced filtering to search and merchandising.They were hands-on from start to finish and their expertise and insights were invaluable.

Eileen Shulock |eCommerce Director

Advanced Filters

Fast Simon was able to accommodate Satya Jewelry’s need for a specialized filtering system. It was important for the brand message and shopping experience that the filters help the shopper easily find the jewelry that will manifest her intentions. The fact that filters were able to be tagged through words rather than metafields meant they didn’t have to make changes to the way their categorization process was set up.

Merchandising Rules/Strategies

Merchandising rules can be applied so that products appear in the order that the business desires them to. Having products appearing in a certain order as well as pinning or hiding products was important to Satya Jewelry. Fast Simon’s intuitive merchandising editor allowed them to achieve this seamlessly.

Site Search

Shoppers who use the search bar have the highest conversion rate of anyone shopping on the site. Fast Simon’s advanced search functionality means that those who use the search will be matched with the products they are looking for. This boosts conversions and improves customer experience.

Analytics Dashboard

Fast Simon’s analytics dashboard has helped Satya Jewelry gain valuable insight into their business. Monitoring what customers are searching for, what conversion rates for different categories are, and what the most popular products are is a great business asset. This can then help inform more successful business decisions moving forward.



Fast Simon’s analytics not only informs the web business, but informs our design decisions as well.

Eileen Shulock | eCommerce Director

Fast Simon is delighted to have helped Satya Jewelry greatly increase their conversion rates as a result of the search functionalities. The customized filtering allows the customer to easily browse their products and provides a unique and personal experience. Making sure the brand voice and vision is supported by the eCommerce experience is what makes their online presence stand out.

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