Personalized Digital Marketing: Increase Your eCommerce Store's Sales

You shouldn't just send your digital marketing efforts into the ether and hope for the best. Find out how targeted, personalized digital marketing can help you make the right impact.

Jameela Ghann - Writer for Fast Simon
By Jameela Ghann
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Updated February 26, 2024.

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Your customers see an estimated 50-400 ads per day across various platforms. Not only is that overwhelming, but it also means they've become desensitized to mass marketing efforts. That's why personalization in marketing has emerged as a powerful tool to enhance customer engagement, boost loyalty, and drive sales. Below, we explore how you can effectively implement personalized digital marketing to increase your eCommerce store's sales.

Meet the Expert

Jameela Ghann is a seasoned online store owner with over a decade of eCommerce experience. Apart from running Alora Boutique, she's also the marketing manager for Fera Product Reviews.

The Impact of Personalization in Digital Marketing

Customers don't just expect personalization, but demand it—to the extent that over 60% of shoppers will switch their loyalty to another brand if they don't get it. The reason is simple: customers don't want to feel like a faceless member of your audience. They want to be recognized as individuals and feel valued.

To succeed on the digital marketing front, you want people to feel a sense of connection to you.

This connection can manifest in many forms. From a personalized email addressing the customer by name to recommending products based on what other customers have bought in that same area. These and other personalization efforts in your digital marketing can help increase your revenue by 6-10%.

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3 Approaches to Personalized Digital Marketing

Infographic showcasing three approaches how an eCommerce store can personalize their digital marketing efforts

1. Segment Your Customer Base

Venturing into personalized digital marketing can be daunting, especially as a novice. That's why collecting and segmenting customer data is a good starting point to help you lay the foundation for your marketing efforts.

Start small: segment your audience into broad categories before attempting to drill down into the finer details. Good categories are purchase history and purchase frequency.

Focus on the people who have already purchased from you, because they already like you and trust you.

Remember, it's not just about how much a customer has spent, but how often they purchase. A customer who's bought from you five times likely trusts you, likes your product, and is willing to come back. Compare this to a customer who spent a lot but it was a once-off.

There are different apps and tools you can use to make segmentation easier. A good audience segment tool will help you:

  • Define your audiences
  • Create specific rules for each audience
  • Analyze the impact your personalized marketing efforts are making on each segment
  • Import audience data from different sources
  • Protect your audience's data and privacy

Pro tip: Don't fall down the data rabbit hole

While having a wealth of data available to you is valuable, not all of that data will be relevant. Make sure you collect the right data.

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2. Make Personalized Emails Your Priority

Email is one of the most important things for eCommerce stores. Once you have customers' email addresses, you can advertise to them on the internet later.

There are over four billion email users globally. That's a very large reach. Instead of spreading your resources thinly across various platforms, focus on building an email subscriber list. This gives you a direct line of communication to your customers, enabling you to tailor your marketing messages effectively and nurture long-term relationships.

Types of personalized email campaigns you can create include:

Klaviyo is a great email marketing platform to partner with. Its AI-driven capabilities allow you to sync customer data and create personalized emails with custom recommendations and offers.

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3. Explore the Potential of Social Media

Social media marketing is different from email because you will never own your customer on social media.

This is because your social media followers aren't committed to your brand the way email subscribers are. There's a lot more competition for their attention, plus social media users aren't guaranteed to convert.

Instead, social media is excellent for refining your personalization strategies. You can conduct a behavior analysis and learn:

  • What your customers' interests are
  • How they're interacting with your content
  • Which types of content and products resonate the most
Infographic explaining how social media insights can help an e-commerce store refine their personalization strategies

Once you understand your shoppers' behavior and engagement in your store, personalized advertising on Facebook is particularly effective. Plus, by coupling Facebook ads with relevant upsell and cross-sell recommendations, you can maximize average order value.

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Avoid These Common Pitfalls in Personalized Digital Marketing

  • Don't neglect customer data security and privacy Even as technology takes over certain aspects of security, you're still accountable for safeguarding customer data.
  • Don't over-personalize Customers might find this invasive or overwhelming. Find the sweet spot where personalization enhances your customer's experience without making them uncomfortable.
  • Don't forget about non-digital touchpoints Your customer's experience doesn't stop once they've placed their order. You can personalize physical aspects like your packaging and the unboxing experience, complimenting your digital marketing efforts.

Make Personalized Digital Marketing Work For You

As the world of personalized digital marketing evolves, you have the opportunity to create deeper connections with your customers by leveraging data-driven insights and tailoring your strategies to meet individual preferences. Whether through email personalization, social media engagement, or other methods, you can boost your conversion rates and boost your eCommerce store's sales.