How To Create A Successful UGC Strategy

Nowadays, having a User Generated Content (UGC) strategy is part of the bread and butter of marketing when it comes to social media strategy. This is because it provides benefits to both customers and merchants. Merchants gain brand or product awareness, and the creators may gain more followers or attention to their own personal pages.

What Is UGC?

User Generated Content (UGC) is unpaid or unsponsored content that is shared on social media. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter) and TikTok all create opportunities for social content. When shoppers enjoy a product or service, they can create content that can then be re-shared by your company. 

This then reaches the brands following, as well as the creators followers. Through the power of social media, this creates natural and organic content reach. If the content is objectively engaging or entertaining (asides form the brand connection) this can lead to even greater outreach. 

It’s important to note that UGC doesn’t always need to directly highlight or include products. It can be related to the brand’s overall ethos, highlighting values or lifestyles that overlap. UGC should be considered as part of an overall larger marketing scheme. 

Why Use UGC?

Nowadays, consumers don’t trust traditional marketing methods. They understand that any brand could simply create a campaign advocating for their product; this makes sense. Social proof holds much more weight nowadays when it comes to creating brand trust and loyalty. Shoppers trust other consumers much more than they trust the brands themselves.

This is why adding product review applications to your website can often help to improve conversions. UGC works the same way. Since it is unpaid, what incentive would anyone have to share their review of the product, if they didn’t think it was good? Seeing that other users like your brand or product enough to create content about it online is a great sign. This is why UGC works as a wonderful marketing tool.

Your shoppers are already on socials, so it’s a good idea to reach them where they already feel comfortable. 62% of millennials want to be able to get in touch with their favorite brands on social platforms, this is worth doing.

Tips For A Successful UGC Strategy

Choose The Right Social Network

Each different social media platform offers different benefits. You should consider what it is you are trying to achieve, and which platform will help to best offer this. It’s important to consider your audience; where is your target audience and who are you trying to reach?


Instagram is popular amongst millennials, so if this is your target audience then this platform makes sense. It’s also good for visual images, short videos, and viral reach. Since things are easily shareable on Instagram stories this makes sense. There is also the option of adding hashtags to increase outreach and engagement.


Facebook is more popular over older generations, such as Boomers. If you are looking to create longer content with text, for example a story or a description, then this is a good option. Adding videos is also a great option through Facebook.

X (Twitter)

X has a limit on word count (140 characters) which restricts the option for longer form content. However it increases the chance of creating short, snappy viral content that can be reshared. A funny image or quip can go a long way when shared on twitter.


TikTok is very much the home of Gen Z. It’s filled with short, on trend, videos that are entertaining or informative. It’s the main base for viral content, with the whole purpose of the app to propel viral content. This is a great way to create outreach. 

Engage With Your Creators

Since UGC relies on your customers creating the content, it’s important to actually engage with them. They want to know what you want to see; just as vice versa! Since they are the creators, let them know what you want to see from them. And keep it simple.

Videos? Images? Reviews? You can share with your customers a contest or competition that invites them to create relevant content. These can also be very effective in creating a hype around the UGC.

For example, announce a contest that the winner of the most creative video involving your new product will win a month’s supply. This incentivises people to enter, and creates a buzz. Everyone will know that the contest is soon coming up, and get excited by it. Maybe even by hearing about it they will feel inclined to purchase your product. 

When people enter submissions; engage with them all. Even if they aren’t the winning one, make sure that you show your customers that you are appreciative of their efforts. The more engagement, the more positive outcomes.

Focus On Community

UGC has the incredible potential to create a sense of community surrounding your brand. People watching, and creating content may all feel as though they are part of your brand family. This should be encouraged and considered. 

Creating something shared allows you to solidify your brand persona. The feeling of family should reach all those watching as well as those creating. The content is created by users for users, and this should always be considered. The goal is about keeping everyone happy.

Have Fun With It

The creativity and ingenuity of your customers is a great thing to celebrate. UGC has the potential to be versatile and broad in a way that traditional marketing could never manage. This should be taken advantage of; the weirder and more surprising- the better! 

The whole point of UGC is that it isn’t traditional marketing. Since your shoppers are creating the content, it should resonate with what other shoppers want to see. Release the expectations of what you think your brand should be like; let the customers know. They are the ones that know best, and that’s the fun of it for you as a brand, too!

Analyze Your Efforts

As with any campaign, make sure that you know what’s working or not. Keeping track of social analytics offered by the platforms can let you know how everything is going. Through following the reports of the outcomes of the campaign; whether it hit targets or not, you can learn for next time.

UGC campaigns and contests can be repeated and refreshed as necessary. There will always be content creators who want to engage, and this continues to be a beneficial cycle for all involved.


Creating a successful UGC strategy takes a bit of innovation and a genuine desire to connect with the shoppers. The benefits can be huge, and are a must in any modern day marketing campaign. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s definitely worth it. You may just be surprised with how great the outcomes are.