The Importance Of Synonyms In Ecommerce Site Search

In order to have an optimized site search, advanced synonym processing is highly important? Why? Synonyms are one of the most essential methods of inserting domain-specific knowledge into a generic site search system. The result? Showing your customers that you’re experts and that you care about them. In turn, boost conversions and customer loyalty.

What Is Synonym Search?

Synonyms are words with similar meanings that can be used interchangeably. For example, “laptop” or “notebook” could be used interchangeably. As an eCommerce business, you want to make sure that whatever your shopper searches, they find results

If you don’t have synonym search enabled, then depending on what term your customer uses, they might not find what they are looking for. This can happen even if you do actually have the product in stock.

Synonym search is important in order to make sure they always find the product, regardless of the language they use or if they have any spelling mistakes. 

Use Cases

When it comes to technical products, there might be situations where shoppers don’t know the exact name of the product they are searching for. Being able to direct them in the right direction should be your job; in a brick and mortar store this is how this would work. They don’t have the same technical knowledge and understand as you do, so helping them find their query is important. This will also boost your sales.

Similarly, a customer might search for “accessories” but be looking for a specific accessory. You should be able to show them a variety of accessories so they can find the exact one they are looking for. This helps their process and shows your advanced eCommerce ability.

In summary:

  • Spelling mistakes or variations
  • Incomplete product knowledge
  • Language abbreviations
  • Language differences
  • Layman terms
  • Broad searches

Are all examples where synonym search will come in useful. 

Importance Of Synonym Search

By now it should already be clear why this is important. But in case it isn’t, here are some of the elements that make this so significant:

  • Improving search performance
  • Optimizes search data
  • Increasing search speed
  • Boosts brand image
  • Helps SEO optimization
  • Creates customer retention

Benefits Of Synonym Search

Find Products Fast

For high intent buyers, you create the possibility for a high CTR (click through rate). You can direct them towards the product they need without any time wasting. This maximizes all product clicks. 

Promote Branding

Synonym search will give you an advantage over competitors. It will establish your place as an industry expert. It will show that your brand knows what it’s doing, and boost your user experience.

Increase Return Visits

In turn, when shoppers know their needs are catered for with you, they will come back. Customer retention is very valuable, and synonym search creates this potential.

Optimized UX

User experience is key. Having an intuitive and effective site search makes sure all customers’ needs are met. Auto-complete, auto-correct and synonym and antonym search all contribute to this reality. 

High Conversion Rate

Ultimately, when users are searching, they need to find what they are looking for. Synonym search allows this to happen. You won’t be left with any unhappy customers. Your sales will boost, and potentially for a long period of time.


Synonyms exist within our language, as we appreciate variation. We shouldn’t let a simplified search stop this. The benefit of ever complex technology in the eCommerce sphere means that we can accommodate for this. The more human-centric your search is, the more consumers will be satisfied, make products, and keep on returning. For this reason, the importance of an advanced synonym search cannot be overstated.