6 Ways Of Optimizing Social Media With AI

In 2023, eCommerce brands are able to optimize social media through AI in a variety of ways. This post will take you through six of them, such as content personalization, big data analytics and prediction, sentiment analysis and ad management. Let’s take a deeper look.

The Power Of Social Media

As of 2023 there are 4.9 billion active social media users worldwide. Understandably, this produces a huge amount of data every day. Content, comments, customer interactions and more are all valuable data waiting to be transformed and understood. 

AI In Social Media

AI does this task of transforming the huge data that comes in through social networks. This AI knowledge then leads the social media activities; enhancing features and user experience.  Through leveraging these big data sets, insight is gained which can help to optimize the business process.

Why Use Social Media In Ecommerce

Through AI via social media, you can:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Grow data sets
  • Optimize ad management
  • Increase relevant content creation
  • Understand the buyer persona
  • Increase lead generation
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase sales and conversion rates

In short, it will give you a very clear perspective on how your customers are doing, and how you as a business are doing.

Ways To Optimize Social Media With AI

Including social media in your eCommerce strategy is a smart move. It involves using AI to harvest the data available, improving customer experience as well as the merchant overall outcome. Here are six ways to achieve this:

Content Personalization

AI can create social media content that is specifically relevant to each user. This targeted content means that the user is recommended the appropriate content for them. The more relevant the content, the longer the user spends on the app. The longer they spend online, the more data is gathered. In this way, the AI functions as a good recommendation system which can result in positive outcomes for the user experience and brand customer insight.

Prediction & Big Data Analytics

Large data sets help to provide accurate predictions for the future. Machine learning and AI can help increase the accuracy of these predictions over time. The more data gathered, the more structured data can be in the future. If any problems arise, data can be structured accordingly to solve the problem quickly and seamlessly.

Understanding Content Popularity

AI can gather what content will become popular, based on previous content featured on your channel. This then can help to prioritize content based on the knowledge. Customer preferences can be featured, and topics, targets and publications can be set accordingly.

Targeting Customer Churn

It is 5 times more expensive to acquire a customer than it is to maintain one. Therefore, knowing how to reduce customer churn is an important part of any eCommerce strategy. Social media AI can help with this, as it can predict which type of shopper is most likely to engage with your profile. This can in turn, help maintain relations with high-risk customers. Learning how to please customers on the edge is a great key for any eCommerce business.

Analyzing Post Sentiment

Understanding how your customers feel about content you put out is important to any eCommerce strategy. Gaining this feedback is hard from your eCommerce store, but via social media this data can be gathered more clearly. AI can detect any negative or positive comments and what this means. It can also understand how posts are received according to likes, engagement, shares and reactions. This can help understand what customers are looking for and meet customers needs. This can steer your future objectives on the right path; whether on social media or on your eCommerce store itself.

Improving Ad Management

Ads are a huge part of social media, and AI can analyze thousands of targeted ads and budget variations. Through understanding these, audience segments can be created, ads can become more relevant and optimized ads will be shown.

AI can test different ads in order to improve speed and performance. It can optimize ads for clicks and conversions- or whatever other business goal is being prioritized. It can also predict which language and keywords will provide the best results. All of this is invaluable information for your targeted ads strategy.

The Rise Of Social Commerce

As we move into the future, we will start to see more of a cross-over of social media and eCommerce. Social media platforms are set to become destinations for shopping themselves. 

Shoppable posts and in-app purchasing are becoming more common. Businesses are set to sell directly through social media. It is even possible that this could become the primary channel for ecommerce. Considering the power of social media; this makes sense.

In this case, having your AI strategy already optimized for social media will be of great help in the future.


The data available through social commerce is a lot clearer, more efficient and more accessible than that on your eCommerce site. This is because of customers’ direct engagement with social media. It would simply be a waste to not use this to your advantage.

These six ways can start to help you optimize social media with AI. Starting now will set you up well for the rise of social commerce in years to come.