Achieving 1:1 Personalization With AI

How to make the user shopping experience truly personal?
Fast Simon dives deep into its AI and Machine Learning algorithm to address each customer’s unique preferences.

  • Understand the story behind the users’ purchase intent. What is their specific personal style, along with their past behavior of searches, product views and product purchases
  • Fast Simon is refining the search and adding more data to its layers, such as geography, referring site, device, time and day, weather, etc
  • Control what you want to sell – The final layer of user personalization is based on the merchant merchandising rules

Tapping into Customer intent

Our customer searched and bought “Nike t-shirt”. Should we:

  • Show them more t-shirts?
  • Show them more Nike products?
  • Show them products in the ‘active wear’ category?
  • Show them recently bought together products by other customers?

Understanding the customer intent is crucial!

InstantSearch+ machine learning algorithm is constantly adjusting itself to customer’s intention in order to deliver the best results along with a superb shopping experience. Our AB testing tool is also here to help in learning what will be the best outcome to your store.


Get Personal With Product Upsell and Cross-Sell

Show relevant, category based results to your shoppers.
When a shopper add-to-cart a t-shirt, you can upsell with a matching pair of pants, or when they plan to buy a radio-controlled boat, show them batteries and chargers that fit that boat.

Real-time micro-segmentation with AI-powered predictive personalization is also a part of the product search, autocomplete and smart collections. Get the most relevant, tailor-made results in no-time.